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A person’s actions speak louder than words. We are often too quick to judge and make hasty decisions without completely getting to know a person first. So, if you’re confused about if a guy is really into you or you’re trying to decide to take things further or not, or simply if you are wondering if a person is worth your time these qualities will help you decide that your man is a keeper.

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1. He knows about all your favorite foods:

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If he knows what you like to eat, be it your coffee order, your favorite ice cream flavor or your favorite pasta place it means that he pays attention to the little details about you cares about your likes and dislikes.

2. He Lets you know where he is:

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He lets you know where he is with a quick text saying when he’s leaving work or if he’ll be home late or going to a friend’s party. If he remembers to update you on his whereabouts when he’s busy somewhere so you do not worry unnecessarily or just to check up on you, shows that he is responsible and you are always at the back of his mind.

3. He takes care you:

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Let it be picking your dry cleaning, getting you an aspirin when you have a headache or making you ginger tea when you’re down with a cold. It shows that he is concerned about you and in the future if something big happens he will most likely take care of you.

4. He calls you first when something important happens:

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Be it he qualified for a promotion or something as little he found his favorite candy flavor that had been discontinued if you’re the first person he calls to give the news it means he prioritizes you and wants to share anything good that happens to him with you.

5. He’s nice to kids:

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Kids seem to love him. They run to him whenever he is around. They are happy around him and he is happy around them. Kids are often good judges of people. If they like him it is clear he is a keeper.

6. He’s never too busy for you:

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He makes it a point to spend quality time with you no matter how tight his schedule is.

7. He always responds to your texts and calls:

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He acts like a responsible adult and never leaves you on ‘read’ or ignores your calls. Even if he’s busy he lets you know he’s busy and will get back to you as soon as he gets the chance.

8. He gives you personalized and well thought out gifts:

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Birthdays, holidays or anniversaries, he reminds you of how much you mean to him by giving you personalized presents instead of just buying you something expensive. A signed copy of your favorite book or concert tickets to your favorite band. It’s the little things that count.

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9. He is happy to stay at home with you:

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A night spent cuddling on the couch watching soap operas mean as much to him as dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner. He enjoys doing mundane everyday things with you.

10. His inner child is still alive:

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He jumps up and down from joy when his favorite football team scores. He gets excited about little things. He has a fun side which comes out whenever he is happy.

11. He keeps in touch with his childhood friends:

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He makes a point to keep his old friends in his life. He occasionally calls them up to ask how they’re doing. It shows that he is capable of keeping healthy relationships.

12. He is civil to people working for him:

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He tips the waiters nicely and is polite to the domestic staff. He treats everyone with respect despite their status or rank. This shows his good upbringing and manners.

13. He stays true to himself:

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He does not get swayed by other people’s opinions and thinks for himself. He stands his ground even when faced with opposition.

14. He makes you laugh:

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He keeps things light-hearted and fun. He cracks stupid jokes or says the lamest things just to make you laugh. Be with someone who can tickle your funny bone when things get too serious.

15. He can handle you at your worst:

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Whether it’s a rant about a jealous co-worker, a fall out with a close friend, or if you’re just PMSing, he listens to you. Not just hears you out but empathizes with you. He gently reminds you when you’re being irrational without being condescending.

16. He helps you grow:

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He is appreciative of your strengths and encourages you to be a better person. He does not get insecure about you doing better than him. Each human is unique in their persona and you can not put people into boxes. But humans beings are also alike in many ways and some qualities if instilled in a person can really make them a great partner. So keep a lookout for these golden qualities in whoever catches your fancy next.

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Here Are 24 Tweets That Prove Pets Change Lives for the Better

Pets are amazing. They can easily become your best friend and these hilarious tweets prove that there is never a dull moment with them:


Image credits:  life1/pikabu


Image credits: BardOfRage/pikabu


Image credits: YaZoV/pikabu


Image credits:  life1/pikabu


Image credits:  DV123/pikabu


Image credits: valebv19/twitter


Image credits: DV123/pikabu


Image credits: 9gag/Eastnews


Image credits: Nokia3110c/pikabu


Image credits: Prostoilogin/pikabu


Image credits: liz_buckley/twitter


Image credits: xeniakonar/twitter


Image credits:  9gag


Image credits: 9gag


Image credits: Zelenskiy_V/twitter


Image credits: rhoziefranco/instagram


Image credits: Mr.Rihman/pikabu


Image credits: loneorao/pikabu


Image credits:  9gag


Image credits:  tim885885/reddit


Image credits: SantaPanda/pikabu


Image credits: TexasMutt/imgur


Image credits: mlkevazovsky/pikabu


Image credits:  WullieBlake/imgur

Doesn’t looking at these make you want to get a pet.

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15 Intelligent Hacks To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Adjusting how you approach an issue can have a major effect. Rather than getting to be noticeably disappointed each time you need to finish an errand, you can make it easy. All you require is an existence hack. While these critical thinking thoughts can here and there skirt on the edge of craziness, there are some really accommodating ones. Here are our few favorites. Have you at any point go over something and thought, “How the damnation did that arrive here?” It’s an easy win that these mortgage holders articulated those exceptional words—or something near them—when they found these things under their floorboards. You will love reusing and repurposing old family materials into convenient new thoughts. Attempt our 15 genius reused create thoughts to reuse your old things. Try not to miss any of these super hacks.

1. An old glasses case turned into a sewing kit.

Image credits:

Find any old and useless glasses kit and turn it into some useless storage kit. Find out more here.

2. The ultimate dust collector.

Image credits:

No need to worry about spilling the dust all over o the floor anymore. Just paste this folded paper on the wall with some masking tape and it will make sure no dust falls off on the floor.

3. A very stylish jewelry/earnings holder.

Image credits:

Take a useless or broken picture frame and remove the glass very carefully. Thread a wire from one side of the frame to another, and add your dangling earrings on the wire for quite shabby chic display. Find out more here.

4. Re purpose mason jars into a trendy herb garden.

Image credits:

Do not waste the empty jars. Rather upcycle them into your herb garden. Find out more here

5. Vinyl record to fruit bowl

Image credits:

Do not discard your old and damaged vinyl records. They can be carved into bowls that could add to your kitchen accessories. See details here.

6. Rubber bands are used to prevent clothes falling off.

Image credits:

It is the easiest and effective life hack. See detailed instructions here.

7. Magical mason jar lanterns.

Image credits:

Putting your jar with such a use will create an enchanting aura in your backyard. See how to craft these here.

8. Convert an old T-shirt into a cushion

Image credits:

Turn your better half’s old shirts into a beautiful cushion covers. See here for detailed instructions.

9. Create a hairpin holder

Image credits:

Expel flyaways with a trusty bobby stick pack for your tote. Simply supplant the name with some designed tape and voila! Discover more here.

10. Turn a colorful colander into a flower basket.

Image credits:

Brilliant, trendy, and shoddy. Splash paint your old colander, line it with arranging material, join some durable chains, and hang it with your most loved blossoms. Discover more here.

11. Organize your jeans with shower hooks

Image credits:

Compose your pants with cheap shower snares for a fast method to snatch them toward the beginning of the day. Hang them by the waist band to abstain from wrinkling. Discover more here.

12. Nonstick snow

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Generously apply olive oil shower to your plastic or metal scoop before moving snow to keep away from a development of shake hard ice.

13. Plastic bag wraps for gardening

Image credits:

Stop any planting soil or grime from destroying your most loved pants with plastic pack wraps. Essentially wrap your knees with plastic sacks and voila!

14. Protect doorknobs with aluminum foil

Image credits:

Firmly cover your doorknobs with aluminum thwart to stay away from any paint spills. This is the ideal answer for “uh oh!” minutes.

15. Moisture-absorbing chalk to fight tarnishing

Image credits:

Wrap two bits of chalk in some cheesecloth, and add them to your flatware. This will moderate any discoloring!

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This Game Will Change Your Perspective Of Strategy Decision Based Gaming Forever!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI needs little introduction, but let me give you one anyway. The game takes you to the start of civilization and lets you choose between 5 empires giving you starting advantages and leaving you in the multiplayer setup, letting you make the decisions yourself and allowing you to advance from the stone age to the age of information, giving you the option of achieving world domination in any way that pleases you; may it be through establishing diplomatic relations, blowing the other civilizations to bit, or making it to the moon before anyone else does.

In short, Sid Meier’s Civilization is the kind of game that keeps you up at nights and its latest version is out and on sale on Born Realist Shop. So, there are five ways to achieve victory in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. Which will you choose?

image credits: Born Realist Shop

Civilization VI is the Winner of 15 E3 Awards, including Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game and has around 35 million units worldwide since its creation, creating a huge community of players attempting to build an empire to stand the test of time, are you a civilization veteran? Or maybe you’re a beginner, either way, the game is both strategically challenging and easy enough to interact with and will be entertaining in any case! You can even interact with your friends or compete against them making this that perfect multiplayer you’ve been looking for.

The best thing is that Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is available at a special discount on Born Realist Shop! So are you ready to play the most immersive and challenging game of your life? Get Sid Meier Civilization VI today! You can buy it here!




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