The Ex Wall Street Investor Mir Mohammad Ali Khan is Finally Teaching Investing in Lahore and you can get a Discount!

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, the widely known and appreciated Pakistani Wall Street investor is finally teaching a course on investing in Lahore this weekend.

He plans on giving his last few lectures on investing in Lahore before he launches his new e-learning initiative, and this just might be your chance of finally taking control of your life!

How many of us have felt restricted in our lives financially, we work our 9 to 5 jobs and we take home our minimal salaries. We try our best to be happy with the hand life has played us but we always feel like we don’t have control of our financial well being.

Well, all that can change for you.

In fact, all of this can change for anyone who is willing to make a difference in their life.

Ex-Wall Street Investor Mir Mohammad Ali Khan knows exactly how to get you out of your financial rut.

Having as much experience he has in investing, taking his course this weekend in Lahore might just be the break you need!

What should be expected from this course?

You will be taught in detail about the Capital Market in Pakistan, you’ll study the infrastructure of the financial market in Pakistan and the key players that are involved. Not only this, but you will be given a detailed analysis of the various investment products available in Pakistan for trading and so much more.

This course promises to be the most comprehensive course Mir Mohammad Ali Khan has taught yet!

But that’s not all!

In addition to the actual content of the course, you’ll receive 4 books, 25,000 rupees worth of free course vouchers for courses in Business, Finance, Life and FutureTech which will be launched on the portal soon.

You’ll also be able to earn capital markets course of 23 hours of recordings on

And BR has a discount for you!

Not to mention the course is only for 25,000 for the first 100 students and you’ll be getting a special discount of 10% from BR if you type in BR10 while registering for the course!

The sky is the limit when you know what the market is thinking, this course will help you stay one step ahead and will finally get rid of the 9 to 5 job that has been holding you back.

Take the leap and you never have to be the same person again!