Top European Exchanges: Where to Buy Crypto in 2023?

When thinking about buying crypto, you want to find a reliable service, for working with a safe and convenient platform contributes to your financial success. In this article, we will find out what is the safest place to buy cryptocurrency. First, let’s list the characteristics of a worthy exchange:

  • Official registration. A platform must have a registration and license for work.
  • Security. A platform should undergo security audits and implement mechanisms to provide client safety.
  • The way to store funds. An exchange should store clients’ investments offline to protect them from hackers.
  • Fiat to crypto exchange. A platform should support fiat-crypto pairs to allow clients to deposit and withdraw funds using their cards.
  • Trading tools. An exchange should provide the main financial instrument for trading, such as p2p, spot markets, margin, etc.
  • The fee policy must be transparent. A platform should not charge hidden fees.

The Best Crypto Platforms in Europe

Here are the most common exchanges for crypto trading in Europe:

  • Coinbase – a regulated crypto exchange supporting over 100 digital assets. It charges a fee between 0.50% and 1.50% and an increased commission for using a credit card (3.99%). Coinbase has mobile applications and is suitable for beginner traders. The Coinbase Pro version includes advanced trading instruments.
  • Kraken – a regulated crypto platform with over 180 crypto assets supported. Transaction fees are under 0.26%. Kraken has intuitive invertase and mobile applications. The platform is easy to handle for novice users and offers crypto guides videos to learn and trade simultaneously.
  • WhiteBIT – a regulated platform with over 450 crypto pairs. The fee is fixed at 0,10%. The interface is divided into two versions – basic and advanced. The platform has a standalone resource with manuals and articles on trading – the WhiteBIT blog. It also offers demo trading options.

WhiteBIT is the safest crypto exchange because it holds users’ funds offline on cold wallets.

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