About Us

We are now living in a world where digital advertising is taking over. We at Born Realist are a part of that revolution. We aim to use our network of online channels to advertise different brands, or even people, to the right kind of audience for maximum possible engagement.

Our passion for inspiring people is the reason we are successfully able to achieve our goals. We have a large and a loyal following on all our online platforms which is integral for advertising digitally.

Our team at Born Realist is sharing content around the clock with our many enthusiastic readers which allows us to skilfully advertise your stories as content. And that is what sets us apart. People engage with that disguised content without knowing the difference, which results in a higher level of engagement than in paper advertising.

The intended purpose behind Born Realist was just to share content and opinions when it originally commenced back in 2017, but seeing how our content stirred up and captivated people of all sorts, we began our journey as a digital media & news company. It was founded by 3 young college students, Sharoze Kashif, Usama Zahid and Hasnat Java who were eager to inspire and motivate people. And in just one year, Born Realist broke barriers and reached great heights of success.

We have published around 500 feature videos and our online networks currently have a following of 5 million people and is increasing on a daily basis. Our content successfully reaches more than 100 million people weekly.

Born Realist has had the pleasure of working with some great and eminent companies and have helped them enhance their engagement and visibility by bringing them out of the shadows and into the spotlight through our curious and captivated audience.

Our mission has been to inspire people with our heart-felt stories and to advertise your products so they reach your required audience. All of this would not have been possible by our dedicated and hard-working team. They each have a spark in them which drives them and makes them the best at what they do.

Usama Zahid
COO – Born Realist