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We all like having little accessories to go with our phones and tech, (yes, we’re talking about those high end headphones you’ve invested most of your savings in and that edgy cover you got off the internet) because they make everything feel all the more complete, and make our phones look so much cooler! And since we mutually share the sentiment of buying nice things, with you and practically the entire human race, we’ve decided to share some of our most favorite products with our readers starting with this beautiful glowing iOS cable we totally swear by!

image credits: Born Realist Shop

It’s basically the coolest thing to have around, and it comes in a number of original colors (black and white) and varying light colors as well! Being part practical and part mind blowing beautiful because the cable isn’t just useful to have around, its entertaining to watch as well! As soon as you’ll plug it in, you can observe your charging speed with the flow of the light which varies with the increasing and decreasing current that flows through the wire (amazing, we know).

image credits: Born Realist Shop

Its glow is also useful when you’re trying to reach for your phone in the dark or are just trying to find the perfect place to start charging it. What’s more is that you can transfer data and charge your phone both ways while having the light help you calibrate the amount of current passing through your devices at the same time! It’s practically a no-brainer of a buy really, and our tech crew totally recommends it! You can get this overly amazing cable here!