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It’s not very common to see people who  were significantly poor to become successful during their lifetime but these things do happen in real life with people who believe in their dreams and work to make them happen.

“Success is ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill.

History has shown us how true this is by the practical examples of the life of successful people. Being poor is not an excuse for attaining success. If you were born poor, it’s not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault. We compiled a list of people who started off poor but proved that it couldn’t stop them from being who they wanted to be. So here are 12 successful people who started off dirt poor.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio

Think you live in a bad neighborhood? Think again. Before Leonardo rose to fame, he had quite a difficult life. As a kid, he was poor and used to live in the mean streets of Los Angeles. He was constantly surrounded by drugs and prostitution, but he didn’t let that get in the way of his dreams. Even though his youth was overrun by violence and crime everywhere, he sought acting as an escape and look where it got him. With the net worth of $245 million, he is the one of the most respected actors of Hollywood.

11. Walt Disney

You cease to exist if you’ve never heard of Disney. Our childhoods would have been pretty boring without this genius man. Walt Disney was raised in a farm and barely was able to make money. He started off drawing pictures to sell to his neighbors. In one phase of his life, he was jobless and no one would hire him, his brother at that time helped him get a job. He went from rags to riches, from drawing pictures to animating his own cartoons. His net worth at the time of his death was $80 million.

10. Shah Rukh Khan

Failure isn’t a disgrace but it is a teacher and what other way to depict it than someone who has been through it almost all his life. SRK’s family did not have enough money even to take him to the theater (Now he’s seen in theaters all around the world. Irony.). He slept on streets and had to support himself on his own. His parents died early which resulted his sister to be admitted in a mental hospital. But to think that the same person, escaped the chaos and went to pursue a career that was as hard as impossible. His success came from his struggles and the urge to improve. SRK’s net worth today is $600 million.

9. Jack ma

You think you know what it’s like to be rejected? Reconsider that! Jack lived in a small neighborhood with his parents being musical storytellers. In his early childhood, he failed Primary School exams twice, middle-school exams thrice, and failed entrance exams for universities thrice. He wrote to Harvard University ten times and got reject every single time. After his Bachelors, he applied for different jobs and got rejected 30 times. When KFC first came into town, 24 people applied for it and 23 people were accepted, he was the only one to be rejected. But his rags-to-riches story is now a sensational one. Now he is known as the founder of E-commerce store Alibaba, whose value is more than Facebook and process goods more than eBay and Amazon combined! Net worth: $30.8 billion

8. Shahid Khan

Here comes a Pakistani businessman who traveled to U.S. in hopes of a career with only $500 with him. He started studying in University of Illinois while working as a dish washer for which he got paid $1.2 per hour. Shahid now owns Flex-N-Gate which is one of the largest private companies in the U.S., Premier League soccer club Fulham and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. His net worth is $8.7 billion.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Hahh the irony of this name. When the name Ronaldo comes up, we think about a world class rich soccer player however it wasn’t always like this. Cristiano grew up in a tin roofed house as his fathers worked as a gardener with his blood sweat & tears. Eventually his father started drinking which costed him his life in 2005. Her mother being responsible for feeding her children started working as a cook and cleaning person. Ambition took Ronaldo on his long journey of being the world’s most known footballer with the net worth of $400 million.

6. Eminem

If you want to talk about a rough life, Eminem’s story would be the one. He never got to know his father and so, his mother raised him. A poor lifestyle where his mother couldn’t stay on a job for more than some months and for that reason, he had to change schools frequently. He was bullied violently in schools. Once his own mother wrote a lawsuit against him. Talk about parenting right? But despite of all that, he still rose to fame and right now his net worth is $190 million.

5. Li Ka-shing

He fled from mainland China to Hong Kong in the 1940s. At the age of 15, his father passed away leaving Ka-shing to quit school to support his family. He started his own company Cheung Kong Industries. The company started off to manufacture plastic but later on progressed to real estates. Now his net worth is $32.8 billion.

4. J.K Rowling

Here comes a name that revolutionized the world of books. This brilliant author wasn’t always a cheerful bright person. She was born in a humble background. Once when she was depressed and totally broke, she tried to resort to suicide. But then something flipped inside her and she decided to do one thing that she was good at, writing and wrote the Harry Potter book series. Now there is hardly any person who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter. Rowling’s net worth is somewhat $1 billion making her the world’s richest author.

3. Larry Ellison

Larry’s mom couldn’t provide for her son so she handed her over to his aunt. He was raised by his uncle and aunt in Chicago. But when his aunt died, he had to drop out of college because of poverty. He moved to California to work odd jobs for the next eight years. In 1977, he founded a software development company Oracle, which is now the world’s largest technology company. His net worth is $55.5 billion.

2. Steve Jobs

There is no other story compared to Steve’s. His parents put him up for adoption. His foster dad showed him some technology which interested him in many ways. Such that he wanted to start a company on it which was of course, apple. When he successfully established the company, he was kicked out of his own company. But he didn’t give up, he still took the leap to start another company and eventually bought his other company back. This Apple founder is now a household name. The legend may have died, but his legacy still progresses. His net worth at the time of death was $10.2 billion.

1. Charlie Chaplin

Who doesn’t know Charlie Chaplin? The biggest comedian of the silent era. But his life was not all sunshine and rainbows as well. He had a traumatic and distressful childhood. After birth, his mother was sent to a mental hospital and his father had died. He raised himself and his brother by making a trivial living. The way he lived out of unbelievable hardships and still was able to become a comedian makes his story the most heart-wrenching.


All these people were able to overcome their hardships and didn’t let their circumstances decide fate. That’s how all successful people with dreams change the world.

So what is your excuse?




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The Real Causes of Depression Are Not What You Think

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses but not in the least any less serious. Its symptoms are often inconspicuous and many people suffer from its behavioral challenges without knowing the reason behind them. However, it is also one of the most diagnosed mental ailments and if you think you need help and seek it the chances are that a professional will easily diagnose the reason why you are feeling a certain way.


Image credits: iStock

If you see a mental health professional and they diagnose you with depression it is highly likely that they would explain this illness as a chemical imbalance in your brain and if need be they might even prescribe you medication (anti-depressants), which will restore the chemical balance and you will start feeling better.

However, for many people, this procedure does not work. As long as they keep taking the drugs they feel fine, but as soon as they decrease the dose or stop taking it, the symptoms start to come back.

Here are some of the facts that explain why it is not that simple to treat depression for some people:

Image credits: Shutterstock

Scientists use the Hamilton Scale to measure depression. It is a scale from 0, at which you would be bouncing with ecstasy to 59, at which you would be suicidal. Improving your sleep cycle improves your scale for around 6 points and chemical antidepressants can improve your scale by around 1.8 points. The effect is no doubt real but also minimal. For people who are at the far end of the scale, it is just not enough to bring them out of depression. There is a need to expand our options when it comes to treating depressed or anxious people.

You would be surprised to know that a lot of scientists do not agree with the notion that depression is caused due to a chemical imbalance. In fact, there could be up to nine factors that are responsible for depression, out of which only two are biological and seven are social or environmental. The causes can be quite polar and play out in different ways in that person’s life.


Image credits: iStock

For example, childhood trauma causes the risk of depression to increase manyfold. If you, unfortunately, suffered a traumatic event as a child for example sexual or emotional abuse, neglect can make you 3,100 percent more likely to attempt to commit suicide as an adult, and more than 4,000 percent more likely to be an injecting drug user. The questions arise that why do the people who have had unhealthy childhoods behave in similar ways? Why are they more likely to adopt self-destructive behaviors like obesity, addiction or in extreme cases suicide.


Image credits: iStock

There is a theory that people who had problematic childhoods behave this way because as a child you have little control over your environment and state of things around you. You are often helpless in stopping somebody from hurting you. So, two way of thoughts open up to you, either you admit to yourself that you are truly powerless and there may be nothing you can do to stop someone from hurting you or you believe that whatever someone is doing to you is your fault. In thinking the latter you convince yourself that you do have some power. This way blaming yourself for the trauma protects you from admitting how vulnerable you were. If it was your fault then somehow it was under your control

This state of mind is also toxic because if you believe you were responsible for getting hurt it also means that you somehow deserved it. You may be prone to take accepting abuse as an adult too because you think that is all you deserve. It can be really hard living with this notion in your head which was once a defense mechanism.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. Just having someone to ask you ” I know you went this trauma in your childhood and I am so sorry it happened to you. Would you like to talk about it?” can do wonders. Being able to discuss your trauma, having someone to listen to your story and tell you it was not your fault can lead to surprisingly positive changes. Just being able to do that can reduce the chances of future illnesses. Just the act of releasing your shame can be healing.


Image credits: iStock

More than chemical imbalances in your brain, depression, and anxiety are caused by the events happening in your life. It can due to a feeling of worthlessness, feeling like your job is meaningless or being lonely and not being able to confide in people around you. First one needs to realize that it completely okay to have these thoughts and feel these things. You are not alone in your suffering and many people will be able to relate to you, second, do what you have to do to break free of these underlying causes.

Article By: Born Realist



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Here’s The Music We Use In Our Videos – Born Realist Music

born realist music

Before we get to the point of the post, we’d like to tell you that we appreciate the feedback we’ve been receiving from our videos and we’re glad we’ve brought you stories that have inspired you all! It makes us happy that your responses are positive and we hope to keep making better content for all our viewers to enjoy.

born realist music

Now on the subject of feedback, a lot of you have been wanting to know where the music(Born realist background music) we’ve been using in our videos is coming from. So we decided that it was best to let you know that the music we use is free and can be used by anyone who wishes to. Also, we’d like to clarify that it hasn’t been created by Born Realist itself.

Please keep leaving your queries and comments. Your feedback helps us create better content. Have a fine week, and here’s the music:

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8 Worst Ways To Die According to Scientists

Dying is going to be pretty bad either way, at least I think so, and the really scary thing is that no one is ever going to know how bad it actually feels before they go. Morbid, I know. But the thing is, some ways of dying are worse than others. Like burning on a stake is so much worse than dying softly in your sleep. And getting crucified is probably a lot more awful than dying of old age. So, we decided to write the worst possible ways of dying, let us know which one you think is the worst way to die.

Getting Burned:

image credits: iStock

Now, this is probably one of the worst ways to go. When the burning starts, you’ll experience these toxic fumes and you’ll be lucky if they kill you before the fire starts burning off your flesh. At the start, the fire will start burning away your external skin and you will experience immense pain and will your body will struggle to break you free of the place where you’re burning in the first place. When the fire is done burning off the external layer, it’ll move towards your muscles until finally, your heart stops because of the interrupted circulation of blood.


image credits: iStock

Several people starve to death every year, and it can be one of the worst ways to go. Starvation can be slow and painful because the body resists and you are able to feel yourself dying slowly as the process initiates. At the start, your body will start consuming your fat and will slowly move on to your muscle when it doesn’t have a choice, finally after it doesn’t have anything else to keep you going its going to die out.


image credits: iStock

The body is made almost completely out of the water. Now, imagine it running out of its most major constituent. Dehydration follows almost the same path that starvation does, the body starts taking water from its organs and eventually as the days go on, it starts shutting them down, before finally ending it all because of serious organ failure.


image credits: iStock

Decapitation is one of the most painful ways to die and is a favorite method of killing in several tribes and has been popular over history. But people don’t know is that the head stays conscious a few seconds after the head has been removed from the body. Now imagine being conscious when something like that has happened, and whats even worse is that it usually takes more than one swing to take off a head. Imagine enduring something of the sort.

Lethal injection:

image credits: iStock

The thing with lethal injections is that sometimes the dose given is too low and leaves the person it is delivered to writhing in pain and groaning before the chemical shuts down the vital organs. And while a quick and swift is often merciful, lethal injections can be a lot more painful than most of the things on this list.

Electric chair:

image credits: iStock

The electric chair is probably one of the scariest inventions. Death by electric chair delivers a shock that boils the blood and electrifies nerves, but sometimes the shock isn’t enough to kill the person at once, there have been recorded instances when people have been fired for a whole ten minutes.

Buried alive:

image credits: iStock

There have been instances of people being buried alive in the past. Imagine suffocating under the pressure and weight of so much dirt, getting an early grave before its even your time. The thought of already being in your grave is worse than actually dying.


image credits: iStock

Radiation doesn’t give you super powers, seriously, it kills you and causes cancer and retards the brain when in high doses. In-fact radiation can singlehandedly retard your brain cells and can destroy your organs one by one.

Article By: Born Realist



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