13 Movies You Should Watch if You Want to Become Successful

Your success depends largely on motivation and inspiration. Every person needs inspiration. It can acquire from everywhere in the world, even from the movies that depict realities. One person can learn from them as the stories teach the viewers in a very simple way. I like to watch Best Inspirational Movies not just for entertainment but for all the moral lessons in them, There’s a lot to be learned from these kinda movies. They show you how ordinary people have done great things tremendously.


Best inspirational movies
Best Inspirational Movies. Image by Getty Images

“I worry about young people [losing] hope,” he said. “But Hollywood [has given me] a lot of inspiration.” – Jack Ma

Here are 13 best inspirational movies of all time:

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley (Best Inspirational Movies):

This movie depicts the story about the two big technology giants in world “Apple” and “Microsoft”, It is about their competition and their rise into big tycoons that they both are today. It’s slightly old for today’s era as the Social Network is more relevant but it still has some important information to learn from. If you want to be successful then you definitely need to check this out.

“Good artists copy….. Great artists steal.”

2. The Social Network: Best Inspirational Movies

The story is about the young & brilliant student of Harvard. It depicts the true story “Mark Zuckerberg”, The creator and founder of Facebook. His life story is extraordinary and has been made famous by this movie as he starts as Harvard Student with huge potential and a great mindset, he creates a new social network based on the most valued email address of USA, the Harvard email address. The rest of the story is history.

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“You don’t get to 500 million friends, without making a few enemies”

3. The Wolf of Wall Street: Best Inspirational Movies

The story is about a gentleman who became something very big from nothing. It contains motivation from the life of Jordan Belfort. This movie introduces how the business cultures are created in swiftly developing companies. The movie is based on the life of famous motivational speaker, author & former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. If you have big goals then this movie is must watch!

“There’s no nobility in poverty.”

4. The Godfather: Best Inspirational Movies

The film made on the book I’d read, The story is about the small family business that grows into the largest crime family business in New York, they are fighting opposition at any expense. The Godfather and his son Michael Corleone are the brains behind the family’s business. This movie shows what it takes to be the one of the most powerful family business in the country. Personally, I think this is also one of the legendary and best inspirational movies.

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“An offer you can’t refuse.”

 5. Wall Street: Best Inspirational Movies

This is the story of a young and ambitious stockbroker who finds things to become successful. His motto is “Greed is good”. This movie is a clear example of how greed can ruin your business. It makes you question what happens when you’re pushed through your heels and asked to do something out of the box. In this story, everything comes straight to the young man and eventually he finds himself in illegal matters.

“Every dream has its price.”

 6. The Founder (Best Inspirational Movies) :

This is one of the best inspirational movies of all time as I would call it. It’s the story of Ray Kroc who made McDonald one of the greatest fast food restaurant chains in the entire world. It will show you how you can grow your business and expand it so more people can have access to it. It’s based on a true story so that same strategy can be applied in current times too.

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 7. Office Space: Best Inspirational Movies

This film depicts the corporate world. Peter Gibbons, The man who is promoted further on doing the work his own way is then caught into trouble when his careless nature starts him to lead & steal from his company in a much bigger way than he thought. For those wanting to quit their day job and run into building their own company, this movie can be very helpful.

“Work Sucks.”

8. Shawshank Redemption: Best Inspirational Movies

The best movie with all the action in it, its the story of a man who manages to succeed from the worst possible conditions. It’s the story of a man who was taken to prison for the murder of his cheating wife, he uses the best out of the worst situation and manages to achieve more than many might think.

“Fear can hold you, prisoner, Hope can set you free.”

9. Startup.com: Best Inspirational Movies

The documentary film based on the business partners and their real-life startup that can be easily accessible 24/7 around the world. The movie shows the experience of dotcom prosperity and how friends can become enemies when they become business partners. If someone asked me my favorite among these best inspirational movies, I would tell this to watch this one.

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Entrepreneurship can give you rise and fall.”

10. Glengarry Glenn Ross: Best Inspirational Movies

This movie is based on selling competition that shows El Dorado won competition knocking Knives behind the rope, however, that is the most exciting part of the movie. It’s about how one should take failure and win the game. For me, this was one of the best inspirational movies.

“Lie, Cheat, Steal, All In A Day’s Work.”

11. Boiler Room: Best Inspirational Movies

This movie is a dropout from Queens College. He enters the world of Stockbroking at an early age to impress his father but soon he realizes that his earning potential is not very strong but later comes up with huge commissions that help him to survive. Soon he learns that everything is not what it looks like and after that, he faces a dilemma of money, “greed vs. morals” and legality.

Motion creates Emotion!

12. Trading Places Best Inspirational Movies

This movie depicts the places of rich and poor in the society. It was a social experiment by Mortimer and Randolph Duke, brothers and owners of the brokerage firm that proves to be very interesting when they switched their places soon a life-changing question arises that what is more important in life, friends, and love, or money and power?


“Take two complete strangers,

make one of them rich the other poor…

just watch the fun while there…”

13. The Game Best Inspirational Movies

As the name of the movie shows that it must be similar to any game; Yes ! it is. This movie shows the life of San Francisco’s banker who is so busy in a business that it causes him to be alone then his young brother gives him the lifetime gift, which proves to change his views about world and lifestyle. The movie further makes you question that when bad things start to happen in your life, which is very important for you, business, success, and money, or actually life with happiness?

“There are no rules in The Game.”


”Somebody once told me the definition of hell: On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” 

Sometimes, to become successful and getting closer to the person we can become, We don’t need to add more things, we need to give up on some of them.

Enough of the Best Inspirational Movies? Now you know “Houses of Celebrities That You Need to See

Perhaps one day we’ll be watching a movie about your success.

To our success! -Team Bornrealist