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Body language is an easy way of expressing feelings. It is used in our everyday conversation. Most of the people don’t even realize that what they are really saying about themselves. It’s a form of communication.

12. Keep your chin and head up:

You need to have your head up at all times. Confident people always look up. They believe in the ability to achieve. You have to pretend that there’s a string holding the crown of your head up. This is the point where you find out who you are. So enjoy little things.

11. Stand up straight:

Standing up straight brings confidence. Stand up as tall as you can. Pull your shoulders down and back as far as possible and look straight ahead. It’s a  challenge to stand straight. It is one of the most important means of communicating confidence.

10. Eye rolling:

Eye rolling is a sign of frustration. It shows that you don’t respect other people. Many of us roll our eyes out of habit without consciously realizing the strong negative signal we are sending.  No matter how sincere every word you say may sound, it will be instantly defeated with the smallest eye roll.

9. Gesture with your hands:

Fidgeting is a clear sign of nervousness. A man who can’t stand still is confused, certainly not confident. Your hands are your worst enemy. You can talk with your hands but at times you need to put them under your control. Although, gesturing with your palms up will give you the illusion of honesty, and this will make you appear more confident.

8. Avoid Pockets:

You need to keep your hands out of your pocket. Make sure they are visible. If you hide your hands people will think that that you’re a nervous person. It shows that you’re unsure of yourself. Crossing your arms gives a negative impact. It seems that you’re uncomfortable. Try putting your hands on your waist, it’s a far more confident posture.

7. Eye Contact Is Essential:

Keep your eyes forward to show confidence. It is an indicator to show how confident other person is. This posture communicates to others that you don’t want to engage in conversation or interact. Keep your chin up and your eyes forward, even when you’re walking down the street by yourself.

6. Firm Handshakes:

Be that guy who grips the other person’s hand confidently. If shaking hands with someone you’ve already met, you might even consider the two-hand grab: placing your free hand on the other person’s elbow adds warmth and enthusiasm to the handshake.

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5. Crossed Arms:

Crossing your arms shows that you are unenthusiastic about yourself, or maybe you are not sure regarding things and stuff. It’s a posture that will create distance between you and other people. So while talking, be confident and avoid crossing your arms.

4. Slouching:

Slouching shows that you are a lazy person and you lack confidence. If your back is curved and your shoulders are pointing inwards, it makes sense that you will appear physically smaller. To look confident you should sit straight.

3. Self-Soothing:

There are many ways people soothe themselves. Some wrap their ankles around chair, some clasp their hands together. Few people fidget their hands with their clothes. It makes you look weak and unpleasant. You can be more confident without self-soothing.

2. Clock watching:

body language

Whether it is looking at your watch or checking the time on the wall, it says to the other person that you have something more important than what they are saying. It will make the other person feel rushed as well. Forget the time and focus on the things.

1. Leaning Back:

body language

Leaning back will make you lose your balance and will lower your energy level. It makes you lazy and a day dreamer. This body language is very offensive. You should avoid sitting like this.


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