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The Guy Who Hacked 500+ Companies

The Best Hacker In The World Shahmeer Amir, a Multan based Pakistani, is an inspiration for all those big dreamers who are living in third world countries and want to make a name for themselves. This Best Hacker In The World is one of the worlds leading ethical hackers and has established his position at the tender age of 21.

The Best Hacker In The World is a big bug hunter and finds holes in different security systems and intercepts them before informing the company. This is a form of ethical hacking and bug bounty hunters look for these holes and are rewarded large amounts of money by the companies that they hack into. The Best Hacker In The World Shahmeer’s story is an amazing one and is an inspiration for all those wanting to make it in the world.

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Early Life and Discovering His Passion for Computing: The Best Hacker in The World

Best Hacker In The World

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He grew up in Multan, a historical city in the Province of Punjab of Pakistan. He went to Rangers Public School and then completed his intermediate in engineering from a Government degree college. The Best Hacker In The World was rejected by over 17 universities before he was admitted into Usman Insititute of Technology from where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic engineering.

As a child, he owned a Pentium 3 computer which had one too many problems, he tried solving these problems himself by googling the issues and figuring out how to resolve the arisen issues himself. This practice, he believes is how he became to understand computers and their software better than most.

Achievements and Career:

Best Hacker In The World

image credits: PhoneWorld

He attended a seminar on Cyber Security in his university and that changed everything for him, he decided he wanted a life in white hat hacking. Later as he grew up and started learning more about his intended field, This Best Hacker In The World found out that different websites had flaws in their systems and so he decided to report them. This led to him becoming a bug bounty hunter and he hasn’t looked back since.

He laid the foundation of his cybersecurity company Veliliux which is a startup support company that helps companies secure their assets and helps strengthen their security. The Best Hacker In The World is now based in Lahore and is working on his new startup, Cyphlon, which is being led by Plan9 a startup by Punjab Information technology broad. The Best Hacker In The World has recently attended DEFCON in Nevada which is one of the worlds largest hacker conventions, he has also recently spoken at Hackit in Ukraine and represented Pakistan in Pakistan Cyber Security of the year 2017.

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