11 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Truly confident people always have the upper hand because they inspire others and they make things happen. They are not desperate of attention. They don’t crave for praise

They Get Their Happiness from Within

Happiness is a key to success. It brings confidence in man. Because it matters the most that what you do? What makes you happy? People who have confidence derive their sense of pleasure from their own ability. They know that no matter what anyone says, you’re never as good or as bad as people say you are.

They Don’t Pass Judgment

People who are way too confident don’t pass remarks on others. They don’t take other people down to their standards.They don’t compare themselves to others.

They Don’t Say Yes Unless They Really Want To


The more complication you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress. Confident people know that saying no is healthy, and they have the power to make their nos clear. They say no with confidence because they know that saying no to a new commitment which they simply can’t do. They are true to everything.

They speak with certainty

These people speak confidently because they know that it’s difficult to get people to listen to you if you can’t deliver your ideas with courage. They don’t use phrases like Umm, I’look into it, Will let you know.

They Listen More than They Talk

People with confidence listen more than they speak because they observe more. They are keen observers. They pay more attention to everything so that they might learn more.

They aren’t afraid to be wrong

They are not afraid to be wrong. They totally agree that man make mistakes, nobody is perfect. They like to share their thoughts and ideas so that if they’re wrong they can learn from it. They know what they are capable of.

They Seek Out Small Victories

Confident people love taking risk and challenges. This motivates them that they can do anything and can achieve everything they want. When you have a series of small victories, the boost in your confidence can last for months.

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They Celebrate Other People

Confident people are very polite. They’re never worried regarding their achievements. They don’t try to steal the spotlight. They don’t even wan’t to be the center of attention. They focus outwards to see all wonderful things that other people bring to the table.

They Don’t Seek Attention

Confident people stick to what they are. They don’t show off. They always have the right attitude. They are not attention seekers. When anyone appreciates them they quickly shift the focus to those people who helped them get there.

They Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help

Confident people know that seeking for help won’t make them weak or brainless. They know their positive and negative qualities. They even know that learning from others can improve their mindset.

Bringing It All Together

Building confidence is a journey, not a destination. To become more confident you must be passionate in your pursuit of a greater future.

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Article by Born Realist