8 Ways How To Deal With People Judging You

Did you cross paths today with someone who made you doubt your direction or path in life? I’ll bet you can picture a couple of examples right now. We’ve all met them, judgmental people who think they’re always right about everything and everyone else is wrong. No matter what you say, they will always find some way to derail the conversation. They are the “positivity sponges,” sucking up your optimism.

Humans are social creatures. We should hold our fellow human in high regard. What they think about us matters, but what happens when people start judging you in harsh and unfair ways? You start lacking at your vision or your goals in life. But what if I told you that you can stay true to your vision and stay on course, no matter how many judgmental people you encounter? If you ever get tired of the know-it-all, you can practice these easy peezy ways to deal with people judging others.

1. Don’t Take Things Personally:

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If people are judging you harshly, don’t take it personally and know that it is probably because they judge themselves harshly. Don’t let their toxic words go to your heart. Do not embrace their negativity but learn to deal with a positive attitude. Don’t poison yourself with things that have little or nothing to do with who you are.What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.

2. Be Realistic And Compassionate:

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If you’re the one judging yourself, you’ve got to start having an active dialogue with yourself about releasing these negative self-beliefs. Get really clear on why you’re criticizing yourself. Why are you holding yourself back? How do you actually want to treat yourself? Switching from an abusive and negative inner dialogue to a positive and compassionate one will make the biggest difference in your life.

3. Take It As An Honest Feedback:

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Get into the habit of expressing your gratitude and appreciation for every interaction and every experience life sends you way, no matter if it is good or bad. People with blunt attitude are gems because they are honest with their words. Use the feedback to enrich your life and who you are, to grow, to expand and to become the beautiful and wonderful being you were born to be.

4. Disengage / Ignore Them:

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Some people may voluntarily offer criticisms even when you’re not asking for them. Negative environments can quickly become very toxic and detrimental to your growth and happiness. Just as the critical people need to take responsibility for their comments, we have to take responsibility too. We can’t change how people act or talk around us, but we can change how we act around them. The negativity is not ours if we don’t take it.

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5. Look for the lesson:

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Everyone you come in contact with has something to teach you in your life. They all have something different to teach you at every point in life. Always look for a lesson in criticism and get a habit to look for meanings in every experience and interactions in your life and use that learning to progress and to be a better human being.

6. Think positive:

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When you lose control over your thoughts and whenever your thinking isn’t that positive and uplifting, that’s when things start to go wrong. Like attracts like. If there’s darkness within, there will be darkness without. You will encounter many toxic people in your life, but your task should be how to cleanse your inner thoughts with such toxicity because if you make the inner world pure, the outside world will be pure as well.

7. Focus On Appreciation:

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There will always be people in this world who would have a problem with you simply because they have a problem with themselves. Don’t take it personally but channel your energy into the loving and caring people around you and don’t waste your time judging the people who judge you. Try to focus on the good things in life and everything will fall into it’s place. The energy you put out into the world is ultimately the energy you get back.

8. Stop Judging others, Show Them Kindness:

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Last but not the least, this is a huge decision to make. You are probably wondering, why should I be kind to them? These people do not deserve my kindness. To act the same way as the people judging you will leave no difference between you and them. Treat them as you expect them to treat you. Use them all to enrich your life and who you are, to grow, to expand and to become the beautiful and wonderful being you were born to be.

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Article by Born Realist