How To Stop Being A Spectator And Start Becoming A Doer

Actions speak louder than words, and these words should be your mantra. Nobody is going to work hard for your dreams or ideas and neither are they going to buy something that you plan to do. Remember no lives are improved just by thinking about the required improvement. In becoming a doer, you transform from an observer into someone who is actually living their life. You will stand above most of the people who are still talking about what they plan to do. Everyone of you with thinking capabilities had an idea that could change the course of life but the fear of practicing the idea has robbed you of your real potential. Do you ever find yourself overthinking things and never acting? Then my friend you did the right thing to read this article, because below are some accurate ways to guide you on the path of becoming a doer.

7. Find a purpose

“Your Purpose will compel you to come alive” Oprah Winfrey. It is OK if you don’t have a purpose at the start, the purpose will define itself along with the process. But it is necessary to find one if you want to escape beyond the material world. If you have a purpose bigger than anything else you will definitely find excitement in your purpose or anything you do in your life. You will no longer sit like a spectator in your monotonous routine but you will find excitement each day when you will define a purpose for yourself.

6. Choose to see the beauty in your story

Successful people cannot always write the story they intended to write in the beginning, but they can shape the tone of how they respond to their plot. If you can control the tone, you can change future events because if you choose your tone as optimistic, you will hold on to hope, and then your story changes, because you made sure you changed it. Instead of just compromising with what life throws at you, start building your life according to your needs and wants.

5. Prioritize

By focusing on your priorities, you can block out distractions as sometimes putting down something that is important for a passion, that must happen. When it is about your goals it isn’t about good or bad but all that matters is now or later! The power of you focus determines the passion for your dreams and this will make you unstoppable. You will then work towards achieving your goals without any second thoughts.

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4. Surround yourself with doers

If you’re around doers they will inspire you as you must be familiar with this that birds of a feather certainly flock together. Good doers like to work with other good doers, especially if they share the same goals. They know that working together is the best opportunity to compete and cooperate without anyone feeling like they are lost. They encourage themselves including you and motivates you to compete and cooperate.

3. Stop doing what doesn’t work


Nothing can go perfectly alright, there are ups and downs in every matter of life. If you are attempting to do something but your attempts haven’t led to positive results, it is time to stop, reassess, figure out what’s wrong and try a fresh approach. Your same mistakes will not lead you towards a better result, instead you will be caught up in the vicious circle that doesn’t have an end point. So make yourself to progress forward but not stand at the same point where you started at the beginning.

2. Strive for completion

It’s one thing to start projects, it’s quite another to complete them.  And a half finished project isn’t much better than a not-started one. Focus on completion without being distracted by the implications of completion. It might help to plan what you need to do to complete the task, and work your way through these tasks. Ultimately, you should do whatever it takes, because completion is almost as important as starting a task. Completion turns a collection of actions into a valuable product or service.

1. Stop being a spectator and start doing

Planning something in your mind is useful for arranging how you’re going to do it.  But this should not be confused with unproductive dreaming. Turning an idea into a reality is the step that changes a bunch of ideas into an immortal concept. So next time you’re about to announce that you’re going to do something, think about how much better that time would be spent if you were actually doing it.

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Article by Born Realist