10 Celebrities and Their Stories that Prove Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

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It’s true that there’s no straight path towards becoming a star. Most of the celebrities that we are inspired by were not born with the silver spoon. They spent years of consistent effort, to achieve the fame that they have today. Here are some of the celebrities who had to undergo some serious hardships in life to mark their names in the world. Their success stories will leave you speechless.

10. Angelina Jolie Success Stories:

We have grown up watching her action films but little did we know that she got into drugs when she was 14. While she was still young, she got into self-harming. She lived on her mother’s income as her relationship with her father was extremely bad. Now she’s an Oscar-winning actress and an influential humanitarian.

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9. Mahira Khan (Success Stories):

The woman who is loved by millions has a great success stories behind getting all that fame. She used to work as a cashier in a departmental store in America while she was completing her education. Only a few know that she actually had to mop floors and clean toilets of the store in order to support her education. And now, she’s been showered with awards for Best Lead Actress in Pakistan.

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Motivational Success Stories. Image by Mahira khan Twitter

Her success stories can be found in the video below:


8. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (In The List of Success Stories)

The man who is praised by even the greatest actors had to face rejections multiple times due to his looks. He was so poverty stricken that he didn’t even have enough money ay for his apartment rent. He used to work as a watchman for different cinemas. Who knew that he would win an award for best actor? Well, that’s how time changes fortunes.

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7. Shah Rukh Khan In The List of Success Stories

The King Khan who has one of the biggest fan followings in the world once used to sign films for the fear of poverty more than creative desire.

“At a certain juncture of my life, I was thrown out on the road because we could not pay rent. Poverty instills fear, stress and sometimes depression.” – Shah Rukh Khan

Got homeless when he couldn’t pay his rent. Today, he is the 2nd richest actor in the world.

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Check out his complete success stories in the video below:


6. Robert Downy JR:

The charming hunk that we all know was once a “drug junkie”. Yeah! you read that right. He went to Jail twice for different crimes. His whole life is filled with phases that if someone knew, he/she would call him a loser.

“I would never tell you the worst things that have happened to me.” – Robert Downey Jr.

Today movies like “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes” have made him one of the most loved actors in the world.

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Motivational Success Stories. Image by AP

His complete success stories can also be found in the video below:


5. Ed Sheeran:

Many know Ed Sheeran who is a new worldwide music sensation. But only few are aware of the fact that he was once homeless and slept on underground trains.

“There was an arch outside Buckingham Palace that has a heating duct and I spent a couple of nights there.” – Ed Sheeran

The young singer who used to sleep at a heating duct outside of the Buckingham Palace today performs in-front of thousands of fans inside the Palace. His life is an amazing example for people who seek motivation.

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Motivational Success Stories. Image by eyeem

His complete story (success stories) is in the video below:


4. Leonardo Dicaprio (Success Stories)

The Titanic star grew up very poor and had to go through homelessness before getting his first big break. He Lived in a neighborhood where crime, drugs, and violence was quite common. He was bullied quite often at his school and was beaten up for being different.

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3. Zayn Malik:

The British-Pakistani who rose to fame in his teens was diagnosed with Super-hyperactivity while he was only a child. Apart from that, he suffered from anxiety for quite a long time even during his professional life had started. Today, we see him as a lead vocalist in Hollywood giving back to back hit songs.

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2. Aamir Khan is Great Success Stories:

The Bollywood star Aamir Khan success stories worth mentioning too. He used to work backstage for a theater group in his early days. He was always at risk of being expelled from school for non-payment of fees. Today, he’s one of the very few actors whose movies give out a positive message to the viewers.

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 1. Sylvester Stallone In Success Stories:

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Motivational Success Stories. Image by Getty Images

This man stands Number 1 on our list because his determination and belief is an example for everyone in the entire world. At some point in his life, he was so broke that he had to steal his wife’s jewelry and sell it. He even sold his beloved dog because he had no money to eat. His life was turned around when he was watching Mohammed Ali’s boxing match. He saw the match and got an idea for a movie script. He wrote is down in 3 days and finally got a producer to work with the script. The rest of the success stories is History.  His success stories is one of the great success stories in the world! His life success stories is below:


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Motivational Success Stories

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” -Tim Notke

Thus, by looking at the success stories of these celebrities, we can say that if you work hard enough, there’s no dream in the world that can’t be achieved. All that is required is passion and persistence.

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