Do These 10 Things During Summer Break And You’ll Be A Different Person

Summer vacation, it’s like you have been waiting for it since forever, right? While it is here your eyes start sparkling, a big grin appears on your face, you start planning your do’s and don’ts for the break. Finally enough time to complete your TV series, movies and basically you want to relax in any possible way as there is no better time than summer vacation to sit back and relax. Everyone loves to spend their time doing the things of their interests. Summer vacation can both be a blessing and burden; a blessing because you no more have to worry about assignments that are due, and burden because you might not be sure how to utilize the break productively for yourself. Well, worry no more, Born Realist has a perfect solution for you! Here are few things you can opt to groom yourself during summer vacation.

1. Join A Book Club:

Instead of reading with purely educational purpose, in summer you can actually do it for fun. A great way to spend your vacation is to read great books. We are caught up among other tasks and we often neglect the gift which books can bestow upon us. The sense that there must be something more important or urgent, to do, robs us of the opportunity to learn from others. Without any fear of deadlines, you’ll be much more productive and more likely to actually retain what you’re reading.

2. Start New, Good Habits:

We have all the power to shape our personalities. Take this time to do some of the things you enjoy most. Forming new, useful habits is so exciting, with a bit of motivation and discipline you can carve out a better version of your current self. You don’t really have to join classes to start a new hobby, all you need is a better tutorial and there you go with a new skill at hand. Maybe by the time of your next summer break, you can pass on your knowledge and even start teaching these skills!

3. Start A Blog:

In case you haven’t got one yet, opt for this platform. It is a very effective way to express yourself in front of others and you even can make money out of online blogging. It is such an important tool in terms of communication, developing who you are and giving you something to do. Blogging is not only therapeutic but is also a great way to create a network! Create a blog, learn to know about other people and let others know about your thoughts. You will grow along with your blogs.

4. Be A Volunteer:

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. When you want to improve yourself as a person and human being volunteering is the best option. You get to know about other communities, their hardships and how they live their life despite of the lack of opportunities. Helping others makes you a better person. Not only are you helping a needy person but you also learn valuable life skills like how to work in a team and how to take direction.

5. Do A Creative Project:

Summer vacation is not about crashing on your couch all day and night and doing nothing productive for yourself. Do those things for which you won’t get any time during school or college days. Let all your creative juices flow out of your mind and find something inspirational for yourself. Something that will teach you life lessons that you won’t be able to learn from your teacher. Creativity grooms you as a person and doing creative projects can boost you to be a different person than you are now.

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6. Take Up A Summer Job:

Applying for a summer job has it’s own perks; not only you can earn extra money but also you get hands-on experience at a real workplace. You can build new connections and it can be a push to your career. Also, it will be a valuable experience in customer service, work ethic, dealing effectively with colleagues. You will already have an experience in your field and you would definitely do better when you will apply for the real job.

7. Manage Your Money:

Have you ever wondered, where did all your money go? I bet yes! With a bit effort and free time you can develop the strategies that will help you manage money for future, when you will enter the professional life. Learn different ways to save up money so you can practice them later in life and not end up broke but successful.

8. Explore New Places (Summer vacation):

What could be better than summer vacation to explore the places you haven’t visited and have always wanted to go to! Vacation means you have plenty of spare time on your hands to do whatever you want to, however a particularly productive way to spend your time would be to explore new places and to learn about different people and their cultures.

9. Come Up With A Game Plan:

A game plan will help you pinpoint problem areas you want to improve upon. Set goals for upcoming year and make sure they’re complete with specific steps, like tackling procrastination, completing assignments before a day of due date and develop strategies to improve your score for the upcoming year. This will be a guide for you in order to be different person in academics than you were before summer vacation.

10. Conduct Your Annual Personal Review:

Think about your previous summer break, have you thought of it? If yes, then think about the things that you could do differently in this summer vacation. Look back at what you learned, what you achieved, what you missed out on and rearrange your priorities for the upcoming summer vacation. Learning lessons from past is always helpful to plan the future and not to repeat the previous mistakes in future. This marks how well you have grown with your mistakes and you make a promise to yourself of taking your life to the correct path which is better for you and your future.

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Article by Born Realist