11 Skills That Are Hard To Learn But Will Pay Off Forever

The best thing in life may be free but it’s harder to get. You can’t get anything overnight, it will take your sweat and passion to acquire. That’s really hard when it comes to learn important life skills.

Mastering your thoughts

To do what you want to or to accomplish your goals you need to think and stay positive no matter what. The challenge is to pass all the hurdles and fulfill your desires. We are the output of our past actions and our thinking is the result of all this. However, the past does not equal the future.

Speaking up

Speaking up in public is very hard and many of us lack confidence. People feel like if they’ll speak in public people will make fun of them or will throw them. It takes all the courage and guts to speak up. One should let go of his fears and conquer them. Try to speak up don’t let your thoughts and emotions stay in you.


At times we are so overwhelmed with the stuff we do like texting, snapping, etc. For active listening repeat what you once heard. Cramp it. It makes things so much easier when everyone is on the same page.

Positive self-talk

It doesn’t matter what others think or say. You need to do what you really want to. You need to build confidence in you, it is very necessary to cope up with people. Believe in yourself when nobody does and later prove them wrong. Whenever you feel like giving up stand in front of mirror and say that “I can do it”

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Mastering your sleep

You need to relax in order to get something. You should be consistent with your sleep schedule. Make it easier to fall asleep and wake up. You’ll feel fresh and energetic.

Honesty with others and yourself

Being completely honest can be awkward at times. If you doesn’t have anything good to say you need to stay quite. Don’t piss off other people with your rubbish talk. Admit it when you’re wrong. No one is perfect. You should learn from your mistakes.There is no greater sin than to not learn from it.


People often stop working hard once they reach on top. They need to know that to maintain the top position they have to work harder and to be more consistent regarding their work. If you’re working on an important project consistency is necessary to control any kind of success.

Staying present in the moment

We tend not to be very good at staying present in the moment. People think of what others are doing not of what they’re doing. This will actually hurt our feelings later on.  People are less happy when they’re mind-wandering no matter what they’re doing.

Learning a new language

Key to learn other language is to master every bit of the culture. Learning new language is hell kind of a fun. You got to learn new vocabulary and new way of thinking. It can be an incredible gift for you. You can add this in your bucket list. And not only is learning a new language a rewarding personal accomplishment, it can also be a valuable hard skill in many industries. Employers are often impressed by candidates who can speak multiple languages, especially in global industries where communication with foreign partners is essential. So whether you decide to learn Chinese or Japanese, or any other language, the time and effort invested in mastering a new language can pay off in numerous ways.

Resisting gossip

The most important thing in life is building and losing trust. It takes centuries to build trust and once second to lose trust. One of the easiest way to loose trust is to gossip. People talk behind others back, do backbiting and all they do is lose trust for a lifetime. If others are gossiping infront of you simply apply this life hack that Hey, can we talk on some other topic? You just need to change the topic.

Time management

It is the most important life skill in every persons life. While there is no one right way, it’s important to find a system that works for you and stick to it. All you have to learn is how to plan things and stuff. Make a to do list and fulfill it. Be capable of doing all the work on the scheduled date.

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Article by Born Realist