The Lessons Taught In This Movie Are Worth Remembering


In light of genuine encounters, Mulakaat is an Indian movie directed by Sarvapria Kumaraswamy. The story all alone is an enchanted trip that happens in the city of Bangalore and delightfully communicates the tale of a young lady, Sulagna, that each Indian young lady will have the capacity to identify with. Mulakaat-A Short Film is a drastically moving film that can be watched by individuals of all genders. While the greater part of the movies in Bollywood take after a similar story line, Mulakaat is special and unique to its crowd.


In the cast there are two main characters, Sunaina Batra and Ayishik Nag. Sunaina is such a talented girl. When she first tried out for Mulakaat, she was only a standard young lady nearby with the fantasy to end up being a performing artist. She was instantly chosen for the part, for her clever identity and appealing looks. Aside from her persona, she additionally happens to be a splendid on-screen character who displayed her aptitudes in the film. Whereas Ayishik plays the lead as well as c0-coordinated the film. In spite of being harmed on the arrangements of Mulakaat, Ayishik continued taping and made his fantasy a reality.

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The most one of a kind point is that every one of the characters are extremely relatable. People can get effectively associated with the characters and to whatever is going on screen. This is a film which ought to engage individuals and give them certain musings, certain factors in life to consider by and by. As specified, this is our maiden production with novel story line that is based on genuine occasions. The film additionally advances love and the battles of two people in a relationship; Ayishik firmly trusts; Love is something which happens normally, yet a relationship is something where two people meet up to influence it to work. All you need is one moment to fall in love. This movie is backed by a good streaming platform, so there’s motivation to respond to this film with a positive feedback because it is one standard film. Mulakaat is a dramatically moving film that can be watched by people of all genders. While most of the films in Bollywood follow the same story line, Mulakaat is unique, genuine and speaks to its audience.

The Love Poem:

With the movie comes along a wonderful love poem that melts one’s heart. The poem focuses on the idea of wanting to reunite with someone but unable to express what you feel. It’s heart touching, soulful and mesmerizing. Check out yourself by watching the video below:

Lessons Worth Remembering:

Few lessons in this movie are worth remembering for. Almost the whole story of Mulakaat depends on real life incidents. Four most important parts of this movie are search for job, fight with fate, financial crisis and love story.

Mulakaat was framed:

When Ayishik Nag came to Bangalore surprisingly with a fantasy to build up a Fortune 500 organization, in the underlying days he was somewhat casual and used to invest the greater part of the energy getting up to speed with old companions. So, with one of his childhood friends, who is considering in building school in Bangalore itself. She was doing her designing in Acharya Institute of Technology in Bangalore and they went to a bar one fine day. That was the place where she described to him her story which was in reality a miserable and a regrettable one. Truly without feelings, he couldn’t give careful consideration and unobtrusively proceeded onward. Later, when Ayishik Nag  propelled his studio, he began juggling with contents, stories and ideas. He and his group invested hours keeping in mind the end goal to get the story right. At last he concocted the possibility of portraying his friend’s story. The explanation for it was only a reality that what she confronted is confronted by a large portion of the ladies in the country. So he chose to expedite it screen. Also, that is the manner by which the spirit of Mulakaat was framed.


The main struggle was that how Ayishik Nag met Sunaina Batra. The day she came for audition, she had the looks each Indian person would bite the dust for, she had the right stuff which everybody will interface with and the initiative quality with which she can deal with studio. She was really a confident girl. Next they were in need of a director. At first it was decided that Sunaina will direct the movie. Later, it was concluded that it should be coordinated by another person. So under their bearing, they did a test shoot of a fundamental scene and it ended up being loathsome. The next day, Ayishik and Sunaina concluded that they do require another person. What’s more, fortunately, they got acquainted with Sarvapria Kumaraswamy since she was a friend of his associate, Dileep. Later, she came responsible for Mulakaat and what a capable director she was. While mapping the whole undertaking progress, she did a great job. To the extent shooting is concerned, it was an extraordinary collaboration by everyone, except they faced certain challenges while taping the greater part of some scenes. Since on the second day of shooting Ayishik had a thumb injury, it was really painful for him to shoot but he still did. Although the whole shooting process was extremely troublesome since he was in gigantic agony through out the calendar and he couldn’t stand to bring it out before the camera particularly with Priya the director.

Special thanks to the crew:

The efforts are really appreciated. Dileep, being in Bangalore for recent years, rest of the cast like Swati Schauhan,  DOP, Pratik Pathak; music Director, Mahima Bisht; Costume Designer, all of them went ahead board.


After just about two months of pre-production, and two months of shooting particularly because of scheduling issue since it was the primary expert film making background for every one, the film has released with awesome reaction with more than 70,000 viewers in just in 2 weeks, which is an awesome figure for beginners. You will be seeing new ability rising and exhibiting their acting aptitudes. Keep in mind to watch this astonishing dramatization and sentimental film, and do demonstrate some affection to the suspecting group of Mulakaat.

Expecting that you Enjoy Mulakaat!

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