Quick and Easy Origami Bird Instructions

History of Origami:

There is a common misconception about the history of origami and that it is associated with the Japanese culture. However, originally, the paper used to make origami was invented in China and brought to Japan later. Initially, the art of origami was only practiced at special occasions or on religious ceremonies since the paper used was a luxury item. Although today, origami has been modernized and is used for making complex designs and mathematical / geometric patterns along with the much more simpler designs like the origami birds or origami tiger.

Importance of Origami:

Origami is a fun way to learn about geometry and symmetrical shapes as one side is folded identically to the other side thus teaching us more about the mathematical shapes. Along with teaching us the basic manipulation of mathematical shapes, it is also significant in teaching us sequential skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps develop patience and tests our attention skills making it an overall beneficial hobby. With the continuous practice of origami, we can further evolve our mental concentration and our motor skills.

The importance of origami does not only lie with with its cultural significance but it is a source of learning so much more than that. With origami, our visual areas of the brain are constantly engaged and thus our creativity is enhanced. There is no doubt that if we take up origami, especially at a younger age, it will stimulate areas of our brain that will lead to its further growth and development.

Another key benefit of origami is that it is quite helpful in managing and relieving stress. Not only does it engage and distract our brain but it leaves a soothing and calming impact on it. The calming effect and the patience it teaches us can really melt away your stress.

Origami Birds – Paper Bird Craft:

It takes practice in order to learn how to make origami things. Some origami animals hard to make. However, origami birds or paper birds are pretty easy to make. How to make paper birds is a beginner level craft. Once you get a handle on the origami bird base, the rest of the animals like origami hummingbird or origami pigeon will come easy to you. You can learn how to make an origami flying bird in just 4 minutes!

Origami Bird Step by Step Instructions:

Follow the pictures step by step.


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Step 1 : Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half - in a triangular shape. Do the same thing to the already folded paper.

Step 1

step 1 A

step 1 B

Step 2

Step 2 : Take one side of the upper triangle and folded upwards. Do the same thing with the lower triangle but fold it downwards, and you’ll have a smaller triangle.

Step 2 A

Step 3

Step 3 : Fold the conical tip of the upper triangle onto the base. Repeat the step on the lower triangle tip.

step 3 A

step 3 B

Step 4

Step 4 : Unfold the tips of the triangle. The open the upper triangle from the side.

Step 4 A

Step 5

Step 5 : Fold the opened triangle downwards, in half.

step 5

Step 6

Step 6 : Pinch the half folded triangle such that the paper point towards you. Then press it press it on top of the right side.

step 6 A

step 6 B

Step 7

Step 7 : Open the top triangle (from the left to the right) and then press its tip inwards and then fold over it again.

step 7 A

Step 7B

Step 8

Step 8 : Fold the left edge into a triangle and then unfold it.

Step 8

Step 9

Step 9 : Open it from the top and the flip the paper over. The press the previously folded area inwards to form a beak.

step 9 A

step 9 B

Step 10

Step 10 : Open top flap upwards. Flip over the paper and do the same again for the wings.

step 10

Step 11

Step 11 : Fold the triangle on the right end downwards from the middle and then unfold it - Do it twice, one for each side.

step 11 A

step 11 B

Step 12

Step 12 : Repeat step 11 but this time only fold half of it.(3:48) Open up that triangle from the middle and fold it over each other to finish the tail!

step 12 A

step 12 B

Origami Bird



These were the step by step instructions to make a perfect origami flapping bird. This pictorial of how to make paper birds 3d is considered the easier tutorial of the how to make paper animals step by step as compared to the other origami shapes.

These 12 easy steps, even though they might seem a lot, are very simple to follow and will only take you 4 minutes to make. Not only will it be a good hobby to practice but origami makes for a good party trick as well. For example, you can use it at a dinner party; where instead of using paper to make the origami bird, you can use napkins and fold them into beautiful origami animals! This skill comes in handy when you’re trying to impress your guests and family members as they will marvel at your skills. Origami is something which can also be used to class up any event or even just your room.

However, it takes some time to be perfectly able to make any origami shape but if you practice it a few times and start from the basic, you’ll be an origami expert in no time. So origami is a pretty interesting and beneficial hobby to take up and isn’t time consuming at all!

Still Confused? Check out the video below:

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