An Easy Guide to Becoming an Origami Owl Expert!

Most of us can’t really be classified as artists. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like making pretty things, pictures and little colorful origami.

Origami is a superbly beautiful art form.

It brings to life beautiful objects that are not just pretty but are super easy to make. Origami allows us to be artful, even when we don’t really have an artist within us.

And that’s not even the best part!

It’s super easy to master, and once you get a hang of it, you can make this your creative outlet and find inspiration in the dull corporate life we all seem to be leading these days.

In origami, it is best to start small and simple. And so, we’ve started our origami lessons to you with one of the cutest and most simple Origami birds.

Today, we will be focusing on making a sweet little owl through the step by step procedure we’ve listed out for you in the form of pictures.

If this works for you, let us know in the comments!

Start with an origami bird base and you’re good to go.

The origami owl:

The little origami owl is a moderately difficult origami animal to make.

It takes under 6 minutes to make the origami owl but you’ll need to start with an origami bird base.

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Pictorial Tutorial:

Step 1: Get yourself a starting origami paper.

Step 2: Gently and neatly fold a portion of the start up paper.

Step 3: Make sure the paper does not crease. Fold it in on both ends.

Step 4: Fold the paper sideways to make it appear more symmetrical.

Step 5: It should appear like this.

Step 6: Fold the double papered cone’s upper paper inward as indicated in the picture.

Step 7: Fold the other end of the paper inward as well.

Step 8: Flip the paper over and it’ll appear like this. 

Step 9: Fold the other end of the diamond inwards.

Step 10: Pull down the diamond from the top.

Step 11: Pick up the longer ends of the paper from inside the cone.

Step 12: Fold the paper so it may appear outside like the picture below.

Step 13: Repeat the same step again, only this time for the other side.

Step 14: Open up the paper so it may appear like this. 

Step 15: Fold the paper again so it appears like this.

Step 16: Fold it inwards again.

Step 17: Fold the little sharp ends of the paper like we’ve shown below.

Step 18: Fold the ends inward. This is how it should appear. 

Step 19: Open the paper a bit from the sides to form the wings

Step 20: Fold the protruded paper inwards to form a wing.

Step 21: Pull in the second sharp ended piece of paper from the top. 

Step 22: Fold the protruded beak like structure in so we can make the ears and the face. 

Step 23: Cut open the ears portion a bit so you may be able to style the ears anyway you like. 

24: We wanted them a bit pointy. 

25: Enjoy the final product!


Origami was created 1000 years ago in Japan. It was believed that if a person folded 1000 origami cranes, his deepest wishes would come true. Origami has also been a source of hope for people traditionally and it is a source of inspiration for so many struggling minds looking for a creative outlet in a world that’s become colorless.

If you are still confused on what to do? Find the complete video below:


Give your origami owl some eyes and color in its beak to make it look more realistic! This is a very basic way to make the little owl you’ve been wanting to make. This little origami owl is also perfect if you want to make something that looks the Harry Potter owl. We’ll give a separate tutorial for something more complicated later on as well. Several people have been wanting us to share a tutorial on making origami watches and origami necklaces, we really can’t promise we will make something like that, but more birds and objects are totally on the way! Hope you liked our little pictorial “how to make an origami owl” tutorial. We’ll be making many more animals in the future. Let us know how you feel about this one in the comments, we’d love to know if these origami owl instructions were useful to you!

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