Master The Origami Dragon In A Few Simple Steps!

Origami might look like a pretty tough activity to have for a hobby. However, in reality, it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

But to be on the safe side, start yourself off with something simple so as to not give up just in the beginning, like making an easy origami dragon.

Importance of Origami:

As fun as origami is, it does more than just entertain. Origami is known to help improve our hand-eye coordination along with developing spatial, attention and sequencing skills. Making origami also has a positive effect on our memory. So overall, apart from being a unique craft with paper, origami is also highly beneficial.

The Origami Dragon:

Origami is all about making the exact right fold to turn a simple piece of paper into something incredible; most people prefer making origami animals like the origami dragon.

Just follow the origami dragon instructions below and master the art of making an origami dragon.

How to make Origami Dragon:

You can easily find several video tutorials on how to make origami dragon as the difficulty level of this Origami dragon is moderate,  but it is always better to have a step by step guidance of it.

If you follow these easy origami dragon instructions, you will be marveling at a beautiful origami dragon in under 5 minutes.

Origami Dragon Step by Step Instructions:

Follow the pictures step by step.

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Step 1

Step 1 : It’s easier, especially if you’re a beginner, to start with a starter origami bird base. The origami bird base is already folded into a diamond-like shape.

Step 2 : First fold the bottom left flap towards the center line to create a marking and then fold it inwards. Repeat for the bottom right flap:

Step 2


Step 3 : Unfold the corner towards the bottom:

Step 3


Step 4 : Fold the parallel corners of the upper diamond inwards (towards the center line):

Step 4

*Make sure to press down properly to make distinct folds*


Step 5 : Flip the paper over and unfold the wings. Then fold the wings so they lie over each other:

Step 5


Step 6 : Fold the left end of the paper shape, press it and then unfold it. Then turn the same side upwards:

Step 6


Step 7 : Repeat Step 6 to get the finished origami dragon head:

Step 7


Step 8 : Do the same thing on the opposite end of the origami paper, instead this time to make a tail:

Step 8


Step 9 : Fold the bottom part of the diamond shaped wings of the origami dragon upwards:

Step 9


Step 10 : Enjoy the origami Chinese dragon that you’ve just made!

Step 10

Still confused? Check out the video


Just like that, you can very easily make other origami shapes, like the origami fox, because it is not as hard as it seems. However, this was just a basic level/beginners tutorial for origami dragon. So if you are a practicing origami artist, you might look for origami dragon instructions advanced or try learning how to make origami dragon that flies.

For reference for a more advanced origami dragon city, you can check out origami dragon jo Nakashima on youtube.

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