To A Great Mind Nothing Is Little

Everyone needs a companion in their life to share their stuff and thoughts. Everyone wants that someone should take care of them, give them importance and what not. But in today’s generation, no such companion exists. Few people find it boring to be alone. Some want to fulfill their needs, few find it shameful to have a tag of single in society. They feel like leftovers. Few people share the strongest bond and stick with each other through thick and thin. Few people have conflicts with themselves that what actually they should do. Don’t just go for time pass or get into some relationship just to flaunt in front of others. Hold on and surely you’ll get the best life partner. Just focus on (YOLO) you only live once. We should be fair and honest with ourselves in the matter of choice we make. So, in this modern world we have the power to define certain things. Being single does not mean you are alone. It means you are reserved for the one you deserve.

9. You become independent to a great extent:

Being independent means doing your task yourself. You become confident. You get to know yourself more often. You can challenge your beliefs and assumptions. You start making your own decisions and become more assertive. You meet your needs and learn to soothe yourself. You learn to manage all your feelings by your own. You learn to love yourself before anybody else.

8. Your friendship bonds becomes your strength:

You mostly spend your time with your friends. You hangout with them. All your deep conversations about love, life, happiness, sorrows are shared with your friends. They become your life. These bonds are unbreakable. They are life long. For as long as the relation lives in the heart till then true friends can never get apart.

7. You become more conscious about your goals:

Being single you become more focused. You know how much important your career is. How much important your goals are. You are well aware about the hard work and efforts you need to put in to accomplish your goals. You have plenty of time to fulfill your goals.

6. You are always at peace of keeping it fair with your family:

There’s no need to lie with your parents about your midnight hangout plans. You are always at peace. All you need to do is make yourself pleasant and honest. There’s no need to come up with arguments. Just stay calm and enjoy.

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5. Your bond with family deepens:

You don’t have someone very dear yet with whom you can share tiny details of whatever happened. You eventually share all your thoughts and emotions with your family. Sharing your thoughts that what’s happening in your life with your parents will help you creating a friendly bond with them.

4. You still are that much crazy and excited about the feeling of being with someone:

You still believe in fairy tales. You are still excited about the one who will be there. You still fantasize about the sweetest and the cutest things that could be the part of your life soon. This is what which is helping you in moving forward with all the happiness.

3. You have gained a lot of confidence in yourself:

Staying alone will definitely teach you how to be patient and hardworking. You will become more confident. It will become your valuable asset because you have managed everything by your own. You have faced all the hardships yourself, keeping this thing in mind that storms don’t last forever.

2. You don’t try to impress others:

You have crossed the stage of trying to impress everybody . You appreciate self worth and self admiration. You have mastered the art of being there with yourself at each step of your life. You just focus on yourself. All you do is stay consistent so you can easily fulfill your goals.

1. Self discovery:

Many of you will agree that being single has changed your perspective about life. You have discovered a side of yours which you had no idea of. So next time if you feel that you are single and alone, go back right there and correct yourself because you might be single but not alone!

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Article by Born Realist