Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Reading Motivational Books

When suffering from a lack of motivation we all tend to turn to read motivational books for a morale pick-me-up for here are some reasons that might not work for the best:

1. Our Minds Cannot Always Differentiate Between Reality And Fiction

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We at large may be able to tell when we are looking at a piece of fiction and when at reality, though some belief systems disagree and instead propose that we live in a state of delusion and ‘real’ life exists in a separately. However, some psychological studies would condone that our mind does not always know if something is happening in reality or we are watching or reading about it. This is why the experience of watching a science fic or reading a really great book can feel so real and engrossing. This usually works to our advantage but when it comes to motivation this can backfire. When you read and visualize about success there is a chance that you may feel less motivated. You get this delusional feeling of satisfaction that you have somehow already achieved something.

2. These Books Can Create A Dangerous Illusion:

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We often like to tell ourselves that we are doing the good thing with our lives and using our time productively. We usually get this euphoric feeling after we eat a healthy meal or start exercising, even if you do not continue that after only that day. You will feel bad about quitting of course but for the time being, you will get that high. That feeling is quite addictive with a desire to recreate that even if you are not actually gaining anything from it or improving. The same thing goes while reading motivational articles and books. They trick you into thinking you are doing something substantial if you are making zero effort to actually implement that advice in your life.

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3. There Is Nothing New Being Said

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The internet is a sea of information. You will find several articles dealing with the same thing just a tad bit different from each other and if you spend your time reading all of them there is a slim chance you will find anything useful information in it. Reading those articles on the same topic would not spike your chances of success, just waste your time. Instead, utilize that time to do what you actually intend to do and that progress will motivate you to continue working. Allow yourself to indulge in a good self-help book or an article for a short while from time to time to keep that energy flowing.

4. No One Can Do The Work For You

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While you tend to need a lot less motivation to do things you like doing instead when you are working on something you do not particularly enjoy. However, there are certain things that we must do whether we like them or not. Using motivation as a tool can help you discover your likes and dislikes but it can not take the work out of your work. You can try and implement your motivational techniques but they will not make the load or the intensity of the work any lighter just push you to do it.

5. You Should Take Out Time To Find Your Passion

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This is one of the most repeated pieces of advice given but it stays relevant. When you have found your passion and are working for it then you will seldom need to look at other places for a source of motivation it will come from you. So, the math is pretty simple, the more time you spend on trying out new things to find your passion the less you will be spending at reading stuff trying to find motivation.

Here are some ways you can keep up a work ethic:

Do not think/stress about moving too slowly

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Majority of the self-help books are written by people who somehow themselves rose to success and feel like other people can benefit from their ways but it can often do more harm than good because then we start comparing their success to ours and get haunted by an inferiority complex of being not good enough, smart enough, not getting success fast enough. Because no two people have the same lives or opportunities and everyone achieves things at their own pace and it is perfectly fine to let things take their course in their due time. There is not a time limit to success, some people end their careers at 60 and some people do not even begin by then so by no means ever beat yourself over not moving fast enough.

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Explore other things that motivate you

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Try to find inspiration elsewhere, when feeling down ask your close friends or the people who love you to say something nice about you. Sometimes we need to deliberately remind ourselves of our worth to not stray when it comes to realizing our potential. You can keep a journal of your achievements to remind you what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Revisit it on days you feel like giving up. Do anything that makes you feel confident about yourself and your abilities.

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