10 Ways To Convince Anyone To Do Anything

Convincing others what you want to do may seem a bit cheap, but it’s actually quite interesting. Achieving goals and maintaining happiness is the real target. There is a fine difference between manipulating someone and convincing someone. Here comes your negotiation skills which can bestow you with countless benefits. You have to commit your actions, words, mannerisms and thoughts to this form of art. You also have to genuinely believe that what you are asking others is best for them, as well as for you. If you’re looking for new ways to persuade people, just read on and learn how to become a master at the art of persuasion.

10. Do your homework:

negotiation skillsOne of the most important rule of persuasion is to make them believe in what they have to offer, or what works best for both interests is to bring good arguments to the table. So all you need to do is make sure that you do your homework first. Try to find all the facts, without assuming anything.

9. Use examples:

negotiation skillsMake sure you back up your reasoning by using vivid examples, because they will help you illustrate your points. Be prepared and give others examples with relateable things they will be able to do or see.

8. Dress up:

negotiation skillsWell, this works only if you are trying to persuade someone you don’t know very well. Someone who you interact with first time. Just because you’re well-dressed, that doesn’t make you a better person but makes you look professional and serious towards your work, hence people will also take you more seriously.

7. Be a good listener:

negotiation skillsTry to be a good listener. Make sure you match even their body language, so you can communicate more efficiently. If you are good at cracking jokes you could use humor to convince them for a certain thing if they like jokes and funny stories.

6. Do something for others:

negotiation skillsIf you favor a person, they will be more willing to help you. So try to be nice to people and help others even if they don’t ask you to do that. If you want someone else to do something for you then first you have to do something nice for them. They will appreciate it and in return will do something for you as a thanksgiving.

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5. Good timing (Negotiation skills):

negotiation skillsIf you want to convince someone to do a certain thing, make sure you know what’s the best time to do it. Avoid the times where other person is feeling low or is not in the mood. Contact them when they are more happy and enthusiast.

4. Be persistent:

negotiation skills

Just be persistent and be as convincing as possible, because persistence does pay off but try not to annoy them because that can absolutely go beyond limits. Don’t give up if you got no for an answer. Make sure first that you believe in it fully yourself and the rest will come easy.


negotiation skillsTry to avoid these sounds like “um” or “uh” because they will make you lose your credibility and the other person will think that what you are saying is not that important. And they won’t take you seriously because in their minds you are not even seriously committed to yourself.

2. Make it seem beneficial:

negotiation skillsThe best way is to prove that your argument or offer is beneficial to the other party. This could be tricky for you because someone else’s interests might not be similar to yours. This would work best in the case if you know the other person really well. Make sure that if you say it is beneficial for others then you mean what you say, as you are persuading them not manipulating.

1. Use flattery:

negotiation skillsIt is one of the common and cheapest trick so there is a chance that you might be caught up doing it, beware of it! Instead of using blunt phrases use more subtle and genuine phrases to flatter the other person. Instead of making remarks on their appearance try to flatter them by commenting on their personality, that will work more. Remember that persuasion is one of the negotiation skills that can be toned and improved over time. You won’t be successful the first time you put these tactics into practice, but the more often you use them, the more skilled and natural you’ll be in their execution.

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Article by Born Realist