Natural Herbs For Anxiety

You might feel anxious and you might panic because of all the stress you are going through. You may have a thousand problems that constantly stress you out. Either it is your family, money, health, or even your love life. It might not be you but your loved ones who are suffering from anxiety which is still stressing. Nothing comes tension free. Even though your anxiety might be breaking the barrier, you still might not be convinced enough to try out medications. At least not for now.

Everyone tries to avoid prescribed medications for as long as they can. Medicines like beta-blockers or benzodiazepines, cause long term side effects that can prove to be dangerous. Well… Good news! There are various natural methods and herbs for dealing with anxiety: calming teas, supplements, mind-body exercises/techniques, etc. Subsequently, some specific foods can reduce anxiety levels.

There are a few herbs and methods below that can help you with your anxiety.

Let’s start!

1-Kava Kava

Piper methysticum is the scientific name of Kava Kava (or Kava). It is a shrub, native to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Back in 2013, a placebo-controlled trial took place. It was a 6 weeks trial where students were given either 120 mg, 240 mg of Kava Kava, or a placebo each day. There were 74 participants in total.

According to the placebo-controlled trial, students who were given the Kava Kava showed improvements; there was depletion in their anxiety. This study proved that Kava Kava was a better treatment option for GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) than a placebo. Hence, Kava has been declared safe for use.

It is easily available in the market and online.

3- Passion Flower

Passion comes from a family of flowers that consist of 550 species. A specific type of species called the P.Incarnata is said to be very beneficial for treating anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness.

P.Incarnata has the same effects on anxiety as Benzodiazepines (drugs prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety).

consume P.Incarnata in the form of a pill or tincture.

4- Valerian

Valerian is being used to treat anxiety and insomnia for centuries. Europe and Asia are where it’s mostly found.

take valerian as:

  • Capsules
  • Tincture
  • Tea

Though, there is a lack of evidence, over Valerian. Consequently, the NCCIH (The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) is not sure whether it does treat anxiety.

However, the studies say that it is completely safe to use but not for a certain group of people(for a long period) :

  • Children younger than 3 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers

Furthermore, Valerian has sleep-inducing properties hence it should not be used with alcohol, etc. Alcohol and other sedatives might enhance the effect.


5- Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha also referred to as Withania somnifera belongs to the family of herbs called “adaptogens”.

The Indians have been using it as ayurvedic medicine for ages. Secondly, Ashwagandha possesses certain abilities that balance a person’s stress rate.

A study carried in 2023 proves that Ashwagandha is effective for anxiety and stress. 60 people were given 250 mg Ashwagandha and a placebo every day. The ones taking Ashwagandha said their anxiety levels had reduced.

Take ashwagandha as a pill or tincture.


Lavender is from the mint family. It helps calm people’s nerves and it relieves you from anxiety.

use lavender in:

  • Bath oils/soaps
  • Adding flowers to the bath
  • Tea
  • Aromatherapy (use of oil)
  • Essential oil mixed with other massaging oil and applied to the body

Linalool and Linalyl acetate are terpenes that are present in the Lavender essential oils. They calm down the brain.


Kratom has various strains. It belongs to the coffee family. Kratom is a natural supplement famous for its amazing effects.

People use it for their anxiety, pain-relieving, body aches, energy, and sleep. However, each strain has a different “power” they one is low and high strains. The high strains are usually used for boosting up energy and attention while the low strains are used for sleep, pain-relieving, and anxiety.

Many strains can help relieve anxiety but the best kratom for anxiety is the Green Maeng Da. It’s a mixture of the red and white strain which gives you a double benefit; you get to enjoy the low side of the red while still having the energy to be productive.


The intake of a natural product is always encouraged. Nonetheless, herbal products can cause serious side effects. Therefore, talk to your doctor first. Also, if you already are on prescribed medications as some herbs may cause a bad reaction if mixed with other medicines. So, choose the one that suits your body the most.

Some of the herbs mentioned in the article can be grown in the home garden as well or even in little flower pots. So grow your own herbs along with some vegetables for a stress-free life!