Road rage and you. How aggressive drivers are putting your life at risk

walking on down the road..

We all get stressed sometimes. Modern life has its ways of testing our patience and pushing us to the edge. On occasion we lose our tempers, get upset, frustrated and need some time away from a certain situation and that’s fine. But when you’re driving, frustrations and anger could prove to be deadly. 

Did you know that road rage incidents are one of the top causes of car accidents? We’ve all given a thoughtless driver a short blast from the car horn to show our discontent, but even a simple act like this could contribute to something much more serious. The truth is that aggressive drivers are putting your life at risk, and here we’ll explore how. 

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What causes road rage?

Whether it happens as a one-off or it occurs regularly, road rage is often caused by similar factors including:

  • Heavy traffic, long tailbacks and even someone looking for a parking space. 
  • If the driver is running late and feeling the pressure of getting to their destination on time.
  • They simply don’t care about other drivers and do whatever they want
  • Anonymity is also a factor, as many drivers engage in dangerous and aggressive driving because they don’t believe it can be traced back to them.
  • It’s something they’ve always done

Why does road rage make a crash more likely?

When someone engages in aggressive driving, they’re usually frustrated and angry. These emotions often lead to people acting rashly or making rapid decisions without thinking them through first. When driving, these kinds of habits make a crash more likely. Alternatively, if someone cuts you off or nearly hits your vehicle, you might be tempted to shout or blast your horn. This can distract you momentarily from the road ahead and also make a crash more probable.

How can I avoid feelings of road rage?

Whether you’re having a bad day or someone has nearly hit your car, it’s not always easy to stay calm behind the wheel. So, if you feel frustration and anger rising, consider the following ideas to stop yourself engaging in aggressive behaviors:

  • Pull over and calm down 
  • Always give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination
  • Only ever use positive hand gestures 
  • And never use the horn as a form of aggression. It’ll only make matters worse!

What if I become a victim of road rage?

Don’t be tempted into engaging with them. If someone is driving aggressively, always maintain a good distance from them where possible. Switch lanes or momentarily change your route to avoid them. Be wary of pulling over, simply because this could lead to a confrontation. Keep driving and try to remain calm until you can change your route, or the other driver moves on. Don’t respond to the other driver and consider taking down their license plate number so you can report them. Remember, the safety of you and your passengers should be your top priority.