8 Things You Should Never Do When Your Loved Ones Have Anxiety

Managing anxiety issues is difficult and it often manifests as the feeling of constantly sitting at the edge of your seat and wondering rather constantly about what might happen in the future.

Anxiety issues are often difficult to manage on your own. But what you probably aren’t aware is that it can be harder to manage if you have a significant other who doesn’t know how to help you, or how to love someone with anxiety and depression.

In this article you’ll get to know about how to love someone with anxiety and depression, how to be in a relationship with someone who has anxiety and how anxiety ruins relationships.

We will try to explain to you how your partner or how you are causing problems for your marriage and are causing marriage anxiety. 

anxiety issues

Usually, all you want to do is help, but sometimes without knowing you can mess up and leave your partner more upset then they started out as!

To help you better understand how to handle your partners anxiety we’ve listed out a few things you shouldn’t be doing if your partner has anxiety.

8. You Act like their anxiety is turning them insane:

anxiety issues

Treating your partner like their crazy is not going to help them, let me tell you right now.

An anxious person is always on the edge, and even if they can get highly perceptive and can be emotional, they still work and think like completely normal people, being quite aware that their paranoia isn’t bringing them any good.

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So, if your walking on egg shells around your partner and you believe this attitude of yours is going to treat their anxiety, let us tell you right now it isn’t.

In fact it probably is going to result in them having more anxiety issues than before you started acting that way!

7. You ignore it:

anxiety issues

Hey, its a real issue and just because you shouldn’t be walking on egg shells around your partner doesn’t mean you have to act like they aren’t going through something real.

Anxiety issues are as real as depression and can often lead to it if the people around the person going through it don’t make a constant effort to help them.

I know it seems like I’m sending mixed signals, let me clarify, try being as calm and reassuring as you can, listen to your partner when they need you too and otherwise simply be with them when they need you to be.

Your partner can help you with this as well, ask them what they need from you and they’ll let you help them, leaving the both of you happier and a whole lot more stronger as a couple than you were before.

6. Your partners anxiety issues aren’t about you and shouldn’t be taken personal:

anxiety issues

Like I’ve mentioned prior, anxiety issues keep you sitting at the edge of life waiting for something to go wrong that probably won’t.

If your partner is going through it, there will come times when they’ll get angry for no reason and will start snapping at you. Try not take their anger personally and if it relates to something you’ve been doing (something wrong, like drinking too much or smoking in the house) try to root out the problem that is stemming their anxiety issues.

Set them at ease as much as you can. And while you should be compromising as well, it is important to know that your partner shouldn’t be snapping at you all day for no reason either.

5. You make them apologize for it:

anxiety issues

If your significant other is being disagreeable because of their anxiety issues and you blow up and make them apologize for their behavior, believe me, its just going to get a whole lot worse.

You shouldn’t make your partner apologize for something they can’t control and you should try to be as understanding as you can.

4. You compare your anxiety to theirs:

anxiety issues

Just because you’ve experienced anxiety issues at a point in your life doesn’t mean that you’ll be understand your partner’s anxiety issues also.

It also doesn’t make you an all- knowing all governing authority on all kinds on anxiety either.

Know that anxiety is different for every person, each person has their own way of dealing with it and experiencing it and you can’t ever completely understand what their going through.

In-fact if you’ve been through anxiety before and have overcome it you should know that people telling you to “just chill” or saying that “it’s just a phase” are only making it worse.

You should never play the “my anxiety is more serious than yours” game with your partner either, a person who is going through anxiety as it is already has enough on their plate.

3. You shouldn’t try to simplify their anxiety by trying to explain it:

anxiety issues

Like I’ve just said, no two kinds of people can have the same kind of anxiety.

Like I’ve also said, you can never properly understand what someone else is going through, so if your trying to explain to your partner that they’re anxiety is all in their head and they have the power to make it go away or if its just a fear and they should just chill out, chances are, things aren’t going to go well.

But i’d also like to add that trying calm your partner and trying to understand where they’re coming from can always help.

Mostly providing your anxious partner with enough love and care can help them with their anxiety and usually gives them a lot of relief, and if their anxiety stems from your behavior, try changing it and try showing them they have nothing to worry about.

2. You don’t want them to take medicines or time to themselves to help with anxiety:

anxiety issues

It doesn’t matter if its coming from a good place or not.

You should know that if your partner is taking medicines to help cure their anxiety (and has gotten a proper prescription from their doctor) and its making them feel better, you have no right to tell them not to.

A person’s clinical decisions are completely their own and you should know that when it comes to something of a sort you need to take a back seat.

The same can be said if your partner wants some time on their own to help them with their anxiety, let them have it, things can only get better for the both of you if their anxiety decreases.

1. Give them the space they need and follow the cues:

anxiety issues

Honestly, you aren’t in the dark even if it feels like it sometimes.

All you really have to do is respond to the situation in the correct manner as it arises, (i know it sounds difficult but believe me its simple if you think about it).

If for example your partner is anxious today that you don’t love them enough, instead of getting angry give them a kiss and make it up to them.

If they’re anxious about the whether, propose something that’ll get their mind of it, if their angry at their boss take them out shopping or on a nice walk.

Try being there for them because its really all you can do to actually help and you’ll see that your partner will appreciate it.

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Article by: Born Realist