Why Mahira Khan is a Serious Threat to Bollywood Divas out there

It’s no news that Bollywood has taken a liking to Mahira Khan ever since the airing of “Humsafar”.  While most Indian actresses dream to cast opposite to the King Khan throughout their career. But Mahira Khan started off her journey on a high note starring as a lead actress alongside SRK leaving all the divas far behind.

1. “You don’t need to do an item number for respect in Pakistan” ~ Mahira Khan

Unlike Bollywood, Mahira Khan does not need to do an item number or shed clothes to win over the audience.


2. She is Breaking the Stereotypes

Mahira Khan is an example that disapproves the notion that career of a woman comes to an end after marriage.  Just like a successful actress, She is an equally good mother as well.

Mahira khan

3. Little Miss Sunshine? No She’s NOT!

Although a star of her status could have easily cashed in on her fame and good looks, but Mahira Khan has always opted for challenging roles & tried to become a versatile actress. In an interview, she mentioned that her goal was and has always been to take on new roles and that she is always ready take on more.


4. Always being Showered with Awards

Not only did she win Best actress award several times here in Pakistan, but she bagged the ‘Face to watch out for’ at Vogue Style Awards 2016.



So in the end, it all comes down to the fact that the Pakistani Diva, Mahira Khan is gonna hit it big with the Big stars of the industry because for Mahira the future seems very bright.

Mahira khan