This Upcoming Short Film “Mulakaat” Will Make You Want To See More of it

What is Mulakaat?

Based on real life experiences, Mulakaat is an Indian film directed by Sarvapria Kumaraswamy. The story on its own is a magical journey that takes place in the city of Bangalore and beautifully expresses the story of a young girl, Sulagna, that every Indian girl will be able to relate to.

Mulakaat- A Short Film is a dramatically moving film that can be watched by people of all genders. While most of the films in Bollywood follow the same story line, Mulakaat is unique, genuine and speaks to its audience.

The Trailer:

Here’s some insight into the movie, the trailer looks promising!

The Cast:

Sunaina Batra:

When Sunaina first auditioned for Mulakaat, she was just an ordinary girl next door with the dream to become an actress. She was immediately selected for the part, for her witty personality and attractive looks. Apart from her persona, She also happens to be a brilliant actress who showcased her skills in the film.

Ayishik Nag:

Ayishik not only plays the lead but also C0-directed the film. Despite being injured on the sets of Mulakaat, Ayishik kept filming and made his dream a reality.


Raised in a small town, Ayishik Nag came to the city of Banglore with a head full of dream. He wanted to start his own production house and was lucky enough to come across some highly talented actors and directors who only added more fame and luck to his work.

As Ayishik states; the story of Mulakaat was inspired by the struggle of a childhood friend that moved him in so many ways. “The story was unique and it was the story of every Indian girl, my team and I put all our efforts and worked hard day and night to make this film a success. I’m sure the audience will be connected to the story well”.

The film also promotes love and the struggles of two people in a relationship; Ayishik strongly believes; Love is something which happens naturally, but a relationship is something where two people come together to make it work”

The film is set to release in July. You will be seeing new talent emerging and showcasing their acting skills for the first time. Don’t forget to watch this amazing drama and romantic film, and do show some love to the anticipating team of Mulakaat.  

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