How To Identify A Scam And Find A Trusted Partner

There are so many people in the world and all of them are different from the other in one way or the other. Each of them possesses different qualities. There are a lot of people who are trustworthy and so many of them with fake personality. They are not what they appear to be. It is actually very difficult to identify who is sincere to you and who is not. Finding someone who will be able to fulfill your expectations is very difficult in today’s world.

So, here are some of the ways given below which will help you out in knowing whether a certain person can be a trusted partner or is just a scam:

10. Sense Of Entitlement:

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The person who is not trustworthy and is just a scam will always keep on chanting about himself. He will over exaggerate all the things. He will even say that his previous business venture could not be prosperous because of the former partner. He will cry about his loss. He will tell you that he did everything right but because of the other person, things could not work out.

9. Eyeball Test:

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Never judge any book by it’s cover. But you should always consider its context. Always keep an eye on what your partner or your partner to be is doing. Always notice the way they interact with other people because that thing will help you a lot in future.

8. First Impression:

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It is generally said that first impressions are always wrong. And it is very true to a lot of extent but it is not compulsory that this thing has to be true always. If you find out someone who has potential but you do not feel really confident about them somehow. Do not just leave them there. And one more thing, instead of hiring a man on mere first impression is wrong too. Always check a person before hiring him as your partner by giving him a task. A right person will never hesitate to do anything and if he did, he was never a right partner for you.

7. Social Media:

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A person who is able to pass your eyeball test is the man who is capable of passing next level. Nowadays social media is a parameter to judge a person. So, if you want to know whether the person or company you are trying to coordinate is a scam or a real person just check their social media accounts. By going through their profile you will get to know what sort of people they are. Never look out for a large number of followers. If you judge them by the larger number of followers they have then that is your biggest mistake. Instead of that, check the comments which people have given on their work or on the profile of the person.

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6. References:

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The technique of including references of clients is very commonly used. Basically, there are two types of references present: First is Case study and the second one is contact references.

A. Case Studies:

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The case study reference is all about the showcase of the potential of your partner. Like if a client came up to you and asked for help then how you helped him out. At times, the case may be over exaggerated in such a way that the figures were just written over there to impress you. But the main problem with case studies is that they are not objective at all. But it will help you out in a way that how a certain partner helped a company which faced similar challenges which might be faced by you and your company in the near future.

B. Contact References:

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Contact reference is the reference in which some former partner will vouch for the person you are going to do partnership in future. This type of reference has its pros and cons. It is good in a way that you will get a clear idea about how to work with the other person. And the bad aspect about it is that maybe that person whom you used as a reference guy is a friend of the guy you are going to do a partnership with. And because of that, he will not speak the truth and eventually that person will end up being a spam for you.

3. Recommendations:

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Just like the client based references, recommendations are also a subjective way of knowing whether a person can be trustworthy or not. But in this technique, you can get guidance from someone who will be at your side. It can be your family member, your friends, business contacts etc.

A: Family And Freinds:

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The best opinions always come from your family members and your closest friends. If you have doubts related to some person, never think twice and just go to them. Ask for their opinion and act upon it. Your doubts can be clarified easily by doing so.

B. Business Contacts:

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Business contacts are sort of double-edged sword. They can help you in a way and they can also hurt you. All of this depends on the point that how much you trust your contact. But either way, the effectiveness of this technique is somehow similar to the family and friends one. Because the last ball is in your court.

C. Public Sites:

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The government institutions of the country to which you belong can also be of great help. They can tell you that whether the company you are wishing to collaborate with is a scam or not. But they do have their drawbacks also. The biggest flaw they have is that they are usually very slow.

2. Google:

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Searching on google is a very long and not a good way to check whether the company is trustworthy or not. It happens very rarely that you will find authentic information about a person or a certain company. Mostly there are scams too. But if you are lucky enough to find a good amount of information then go through it very keenly and you might get to know whether the company or the person is fake or not.

1. Trials:

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This might sound like the best way to find out whether the company or certain person is a scam or not. But never depend on it completely. It can be a trick to fool you as well. At times the companies try to give an impression that they have had a very successful track record. But it can be just on papers do. So, never rely completely on this technique. Instead of that testing, a service for a short amount of time is the best way to find the best collaborator for you.

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