Here’s Why The CIA Dosed An Entire French Village With LSA In the 50’s

You all must have heard the mystery of Le Pain Maudit. It is the French which was for the cursed bread. They haunted the native people of Pont-Saint Espirit for almost 50 years.

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And after that, they finally found the truth behind all the haunting mysteries which was very shocking for them. In 1951, a very quiet picturesque village in Gar, France suddenly got stuck with strange insanity and hallucinations.


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The life of the poor people of the village of Pont Saint Esprit was made terrible for no reason. They were given the punishment without doing any crime.


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People for the longest of the time thought that the village has been given poison. But later it was revealed that behind all of this it was CIA which contaminated the whole village food with LSD. LSD is considered as the most severe mood-changing chemical. It grows on rye.


H.P Albarelli Jr, a journalist found this thing out and has even written a book on it. He said all of this was done by CIA at the peak of the Cold War. All of this began on 16 August 1951. Because of it horrific hallucinations about dragons and fire were racked in the native people.

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Albarelli also said the cause behind this was a document sent from the White House to Rocket feller Commission formed in 1975 which was investigating CIA abuses. He said US army dragged American servicemen very badly.

Affected Villagers:

Thousands of affected villagers were admitted to the hospital and hundreds of them had shown the symptoms of madness in them. It was a very worse sight to be beheld. Even an old man tried to kill himself by drowning himself. He was found screaming and yelling that snakes were eating his stomach.

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People were dying because of all those hallucinations.

Leon Armunier:

One more man named as Leon Armunier while being on work at that day said: It was just terrible. He felt something was shrinking him and the snakes were coiling around his arms. Because of all of those hallucinations, he fell from his bike. He was then rushed to the hospital in Avignon immediately. After reaching there, they put him in a straitjacket. The room where he was put was full of those teenagers who were very brutally chained down with their beds.

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After being shifted to the hospital, he described the scenario which was going on over there. He said that some of his friends tried to do suicide by jumping from the window. They were in a very terrible condition. They were just screaming and jumping upside down. He said he will give preference to death rather than going through those moments again.

Young People:

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Many young people were affected very badly because of the LSA. A young boy tried to kill his own grandmother. Another man started having the feeling that he was a plane and because of that he jumped off the building and because of that he broke his both legs.

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The researchers at that time said the bread was poisoned with the organic mercury.


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But now, after almost five decades later H.P Albarelli Jr. wrote a book about it and after a lot of research he came to know that all of this was done because of the experiment was conducted by CIA. He found all of this from a CIA document named as: “Re: Pont-Saint-Esprit and F. Olson Files. So Span/France Operation file, inclusion Olson. Intel files. Hand carries to Belin-tell him to see to it that these are buried.”

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Frank Olson:

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BBC said F. Olson, a CIA scientist did this research for the company that was looking into the LSD. CIA is also known for carrying out different experiments during Cold War with LSD in the Korea and Britain.

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Soon after the Korean War was ended the Americans launched away a very big program whose purpose was to make people mentally sick.

A Terrible Mistake:

Albarelli further explained in his book “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments” that with the help of the former coworkers of Frank Olson, they admitted that the Pont-Saint-Espirit event was just an experiment held by CIA to control minds of people. But Albarelli was not able to find one thing during his research. It was that whether the French people were aware of the exact intentions of the CIA doing all of this or not.

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Charles Granjoh said that people at that time brought up a theory about an experiment whose main aim was to control the minds of the people of a very famous revolt. He kicked the bucket while explaining to the French magazine.

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But at the end after so many years, it was concluded that all of this happened because of the bread which was spiked with LSA by CIA. CIA did not think twice before doing such a horrendous act. An act which changed the life of the people to the core. They were living such a peaceful life but all of that was snatched from them for no good reason.

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