Here’s How Much You Should Walk Every Day to Start Losing Weight

We are in a constant race but it is a figurative one instead of a literal one. This figurative race is getting in between our health and fitness routine.  We try to find shortcuts for our fitness routines by playing sports, following different diet plans or visiting gym once in a while. But all this time what we forget is that walking is way too better as compared to all other fitness plans.

Born Realist team has done some research and explained how you can replace all your fitness routines with walking and how much beneficial it is as compare to other things.

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The essential points that create a difference to burn your calories are the length or distance you covered while walking. The speed of your walk and your body weight. The best way to see and measure results is to use a pace counter and follow a regular schedule for walking.

Prolong Your Walk:

There are certain ways through which you can prolong your walk without feeling it as a burden. You can incorporate it in your daily routine while you work or do other chores without taking out special time for walk.

1. Take Bus Instead Of Driving:

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Instead of driving to your destination take a bus even if you have to change several buses. This walk to and from the bus stop will alone add to your walking pace.

2. Walking Kids To School:

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Walking your kids to school and taking them back home will help you and your kids stay fit and healthy. Sometimes you might change the route so that they can explore other things, this will also enhance their learning skills.

3. Say No To Elevators And Escalators:

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While elevators and escalators save a lot of our time, they are also the reason behind your irregular body shape. Taking the stairs would exercise your muscles. You should add walking up to the stairs to your daily routine as it is more effective exercise without much of an effort.

4. Take Your Dog For Walks:

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Dogs have their best days when they are taken out on the walk. This would help you cheer your dog up and in return getting cheerful yourself. They will make you walk without being lazy or stopping after a while. Your dog will motivate or force you to walk which is for your own good.

5. Take A Friend With You For A Walk:

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If you think you cannot walk alone and need some motivation to walk and stay fit, then you should take a friend along with you to walk. Together you guys can gossip and walk for the longest while without waiting for the time to be over. This will be beneficial for both of you.

6. Listen To Music:

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Listening to music can divert your attention and can make your mood more pleasant. This can surely help you in staying fresh. These all things add up together to make the best out of walking time.

7. Walk On New Routes:

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Taking new routes to walk would keep your mind sharp and curious. You will not find walking as a dull thing to do and this will help you in discovering new places to visit.

Walking In Winter:

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Walking outside in winter can be really difficult with the harsh weather and not being able to sweat out or burn any calories. You can use a treadmill at home and can watch your favorite show or can move to take a break.

Use A Pace Counter:

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What actually a pace counter do? It tells you how much did you walk throughout the day and if you have walked a big length and still don’t see any change then it will tell you how much pace you need to add on. Or you can just follow this simple calculation to see how much have you walked or need to walk. To lose 100 kcal you need to walk 2,000 paces which is the equivalent of 1.6 km. To lose 1 kg you need to walk 140,000 paces which is equal to 112 km and will help you lose 7,000 kcal. You should also keep in mind that pace counter can give you uneven reading varying from foot to yard. For best result cover a total of 10 to 20 meter and measure the pace length. You can use that reference to your continued steps.

High Recommendation For People With Cardiovascular Disease:

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People with cardiovascular disease should definitely add walk in their daily routine. For them, the recommended pace is 110-91 pace/min which would cover 4-5 km/hour. Walking is the best exercise for your body. It keeps you fit and maintains your health.

How To Get In Walking Mode:

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For starters you should walk at a slow speed and gradually increase your pace duration in small amount of time. The first thing to do is raise the time and distance of your walk after that you should increase your tempo. This will not put any stress on your body and it will slowly get you into a fit routine. You should also keep your posture straight with stomach sucked in for best result. To get into walking routine walk for a week regularly this would not particularly get you on track but will feed walking into your system. If you can’t walk everyday then at least walk regularly 2-3 times every week. One thing to be noted is that you should regular stay in touch with your physician so that you would be able to know how much pressure you are exerting on your body.

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Article by Born Realist