Here Are 15 Cooking Tricks From Professional Chefs That Are Revealed In Culinary Schools

oThe chefs who are professional like to keep their tricks of cooking as secrets. They only share them with their own students. However here are some tricks given which professional chefs revealed in a culinary school. Read them out:

15. Perfect Steak:

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Never fry a piece of meat after taking it out straight from the fridge. Leave it for almost an hour or two before you start cooking. And let it come at room temperature first. After then the meal will be fried evenly, regardless of how much you want your steak to be fried. If you want to have a beautiful crust on your steak, first get rid of all the moisture from the meat before frying.

14. Juciest Meat Ever:

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It usually takes a lot of time to fry a piece of chicken or meat but you can dry it out very easily. Just to avoid this, a lot of European chefs use a very simple trick. First, they put all the meat in a brine. It is quite easy to make a good amount of brine. Take 3 cups of water and then add 1/2 cup of salt and also add 1/4 cup of sugar in it. Then pour all the brine on your meat so that the liquid will cover it and then put the bowl in your fridge. Never leave that mixture for more than 8 hours and less than 1/5 hour. If you want to cook chicken wings, then the time of brining should be based on the size of one wing. And do not forget to pat the wings before you start cooking.

13. Flavoring Spices:

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For the extraction of natural flavors and for enhancing the taste of black pepper in your dishes, toss them in some pan over a medium heat. Keep on toasting them until you feel fragrance coming out of it. After doing that, use a mortar or a pestle for grinding your spices. You can also exchange black pepper with black peppercorns. If you will add them to your dish you will get an amazing aroma and flavor.

12. Light And Airy Dough:

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If you want to have the perfect dough take out some butter and eggs from your fridge one night before. This will let both of them come to room temperature.

11. Fish With Delicate Crust:

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If you desire to have fry fish on the grill, spread on it some mayonnaise and it will give you a delicate crust. Then take a pastry brush, then dip the tip into the sauce and apply some mayonnaise on the fish. After that add some salt to it and grill it afterward. And you will get a beautiful golden crust. Try to use as much fewer spices as possible. Use just salt for the best taste. When the fish is fried apply lemon juice for more delicious taste.

10. Steak Without Oil:

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One of the famous chefs, Alain Ducasse has revealed this secret for cooking an amazing steak. At first, the steak is placed at the edge for rendering the fats. This way you will be able to cook the steak in a beef fat. And this also creates an appetizing crust on its edges. And this way you won’t require oil for cooking it.

9. Mashed Potatoes:

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Before making mashed potatoes you should dry them first. After that place those potatoes in a clean half heated frying pan. And then keep them over there until the remaining water will dry out. Do not let the heat fry those potatoes. After they will be dried, you will get amazing mashed potatoes. If you want to avoid hot splashing milk you are making mashed potatoes, then add a little milk to it.

8. Cream Soup:

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Fry all the vegetables separately in olive oil right before you will start cooking the vegetable cream soup. After that add some water to it. The frying will caramelize all the sugar present in the vegetables and it also enhances their flavor. This will make the dish quite exquisite and delicious. This tip can also be applied to vegetable stew.

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7. Pancakes:

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Whatever recipe you are following to make pancakes, always add two tablespoons of sour cream in the mixture. This trick will make the pancakes more fluffy, tasty and free of all the cracks.

6. Sugar Is Not For Sweetness:

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Sugar is the same seasoning as salt. Just add a pinch of sugar to a dish which has pickled or even fresh tomato paste. The sugar will cut down their sourness and will make the meal taste even better.

5. Fried Egg:

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The components which are required to cook the perfectly fried eggs are butter, a minimum amount of heat and a thick-walled frying pan. At first, heat up the pan then add 1/2 tablespoon of butter in it. Let it melt slowly but do not let it reach a sizzle. After that break, all the eggs and then cook them for 4-5 minutes. Then add salt as per taste and your fried eggs are ready.

4. Clear Broth:

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A clear broth is one of the most important components while making soups, sauces and some other dishes. For making crystal clear broth, at first you should cook the chicken on a lower heat without covering it for around 3 hours. Do not let it boil. And keep removing the studs. Add parsley, carrots and celery after you will be done cooking for almost 1.5 hours. While cooking some beef or lamb broth, you may wish to roast vegetables before putting them in the soup. If you want to do that just cut all the vegetables into halves and put all of them in a pan which has no oil. Fry them until a dark brown crust will start appearing on them. After that add them to the broth and your delicious soup is ready to be eaten.

3. Crispy Bread Crust:

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You might face difficulties while making the crust if you bake at home usually. It either gets too pale or is too thick. Now you can solve this issue very easily by putting a bowl full of water in your oven whenever you bake. The water will make a steam and it will do all the magic which will eventually give you a crispy bread crust.

2. Cook Onions Correctly:

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While frying use medium amount of heat, then add cooking oil and butter both into the heated frying pan. After that cut all the onions and fry them with salt as per your taste. Salt does three things: It helps in cooking quicker, it helps in getting rid of all the unwanted onion smell and also caramelizes for adding a sweet flavor to it. If you want to fry onions, just add butter but if you want to avoid the onions from getting darker, go for melted butter.

1. No Need To Get Afraid Of Garlic:

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The smell of garlic can ruin anything be it a meeting or a romantic date. If you really love garlic then add garlic juice to your dish. This way you will be able to avoid all the unpleasant smell.

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