Boots Ideas for the Winter

In many ways, winter is a difficult season to dress for. If you want to keep up with your usual style, you have to think carefully about what you are going to wear. The primary aim – apart from looking good – is to keep warm and dry, and this is especially so when it comes to footwear. Shoes don’t always provide the protection you need from puddles, snow and slush, so you need a good pair of boots. The question is, what sort of boots?

Some boots look good in both casual and smart situations, others are more suited to dedicated outfits. To help you choose the best type of boots for this winter, we took a look at the popular styles, and you’ll be pleased to hear that some of your old favourites are still very much in fashion! Like these!

Classic Chelsea Boots

No man’s wardrobe should be without a pair of classic Chelsea boots! This absolutely timeless style simply never goes out of fashion, and you’ll find many different brands and colours, and every size catered for. The design is a classic because it is so versatile, and those side panels make it so easy to get them on and off, essential when you come in from the cold! If you want a great fashion tip, check the toe: the more pointed, the more formal the boots – you never know when that may come in handy! If you want some more fashion tips and ideas for combining your boots with outfits, click here for some great suggestions.

Dr Martens

Another design classic that is perfect for winter wear, Dr Martens classic look boots are sturdy, strong and once again timeless. They will also keep your feet as warm as possible during the coldest months. Pair them with your favourite jeans and a leather jacket, and you have the ultimate casual look for heading to the pub to meet your mates, and you’ll arrive warm and dry too (see here).

Chukka Boots

High top chukka boots are a favourite with younger men these days, and have been worn by many a Hollywood great – Steve McQueen is credited with first popularising them, and many stylish men have followed. Casual in style – but not so casual they can’t be worn in a semi-formal gathering – they come in a range of colours, and you’ll also find they are comfortable too, especially in the cold. Make sure the chukka boots you are looking at are made from quality suede and also guaranteed waterproof – the top brand ones will be – so you’re not disappointed.

Hiking Boots

It may have passed you by but, in fact, hiking boots are very much in fashion right now. The rugged, manly and outdoors look is a fashionable one, especially for casual occasions. The market for hiking boots is a very strong one featuring a wide range of choice, so make sure you look at a few brands before you buy. They are also strong and very durable, designed to be waterproof, and will last you a long time.

Snow Boots

If you want complete protection from the snow, a pair of long snow boots will do the job, and some of these are surprisingly trendy, too. Worn with a long overcoat, jeans and a sweater, you’ll feel like you’ve beaten the odds when you turn up to meet friends or family in this outfit, and despite what some may think, there are parts of the UK where snowfall can be very heavy, and where these are the only sort of boots that will get you through it! Choose black leather for versatility, and you can’t go wrong!

That’s a selection of the best boots for men for winter wear, and we are sure that you’ll find something among them that you appreciate. We believe that, in terms of versatility and style, the Chelsea boot offers itself to most occasions, and looks good not only with your jeans and jacket, but also with your work-day suit.

Choose carefully and make sure you buy a good pair of boots, whatever style you go for, and you’ll have the perfect footwear for the winter, and also for many more seasons to come.