10 Fundamental Truths About Life That Everyone Needs To Hear

There are times when we feel weak and vulnerable. We are unable to face the situation because we’ve been living in a blur for so long, when the head hits the wall, we don’t understand and accept the truth of life. There are some realities that no one can get away from. So here are some truths that you should know without delay:

10. Failure Precedes Success:

truth of life

Success doesn’t come easy and simply there’s no such thing as overnight success this is the truth of life. In order to be successful you have to go through many hurdles and face many challenges, sometimes you win but sometimes you lose. That loss prepares you or makes you good enough for your goal. You cannot achieve anything without failing and trying to divert that failure into a success story.

9. Being Busy vs. Being Productive:

truth of life

The truth of life is that being active or working all the time would not give you success. To be successful you have to work on being efficient and be able to produce more productive results in a short period of time.

8. You Are Who Your Friends Are:

truth of life

We get affected by our surroundings and people present there. Surround yourself with people who will always inspire and motivate you, those who you can depend on. Being surrounded by such people will make you want to be the best version of yourself. This is a bitter but real truth of life.

7. You Are The Writer of Your Story:

truth of life

No, you are not a victim of the circumstances. How you are living today is all on you. You created them, it’s all on you. There often comes a time when something negative happens in your life and you think you can’t move on, because you became a victim. The truth of life is that whatever happens may be really the worst thing to ever happen to you, but how you let it affect you is all up to you.

6. Overcome Your Fears:

truth of life

The truth of life will come forward when you are old and wrinkly, sitting in an arm chair looking at your past, you’ll be thinking of all the things that you should have said or done when the time and opportunity was there but you missed all those chances because of the  fear of failure. Don’t be afraid, now is the time to take risks.

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5. Forgive For Your Own Sake:

truth of life

When you are hurt, you wait for the other person to apologize so you could forgive them and get rid of that pain but you don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive them. The truth of life is that forgiving doesn’t condone their actions but frees you from the constant pain that was caused by them hurting you.

4. Live In The Present:

truth of life

Live in the now, the present. The truth of life is that you cannot be your best and reach your full potential until you learn to live in the present. There are always regrets from the past or thoughts about the future that constantly keep your mind busy. Thinking of all that, you forget to live right now, gathering more regrets for the future.

3. Create Your Own Worth:

truth of life

Don’t ever compare yourself with others, be your own unique self. No matter what people say or think about you. You should not be affected by people’s words. Be satisfied with yourself, The truth of life is that you’ll have to make your own worth and once it’s done, No words will ever bother you.

2. Life Is Short:

truth of life

A very hard to accept truth of life but no one knows when it all might come to an end. Live each day as you might not be able to see tomorrow. Remind yourself every day that each day is a gift and you should make the most of the blessing given to you.

1. Embrace The Change:

truth of life

Nothing is constant, everything changes. Life never stops for anyone, so appreciate every moment that you have. Accept the changes and move on with the moving world, otherwise everyone will be gone and you’ll be left alone in the past.

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Article by Born Realist