10 Effective Ways To Become A Powerful Influencer

“Communication- the human connection- is the key to personal and career success.”-Paul J. Meyer

There is a fine difference between a successful and unsuccessful businessman and it has nothing to do with the product he’s trying to promote or sell. The difference between the two men is not in their intelligence either, it can be that the unsuccessful businessman is the smarter of the two and has a better product to sell. The difference is in the influencing ability of the two people. One of them is better at selling his product to the buyer he is more influential, the other simply hasn’t mastered the ability.

This simple truth finds its application everywhere in life; if you want your big idea to be heard and accepted you’ll have to find a way to communicate it to other people. If you’re in a relationship and you want your partner to understand you, you’ll have to communicate your point correctly to them. And so, in the spirit of helping you become a powerful communicator I’ve written down ten effective ways that’ll help you become a powerful influencer.

10. Be well informed about the subject you’re hoping to discuss:

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If you want to give a powerful influential talk on a specific matter you have to come well informed about that subject. If you’ve come well informed about your talk you’ll be able to answer all the questions directed towards you (even if someone is trying to refute you or is purposefully trying to bring you down) and you’ll be able to prove to your audience how authentic your idea is and you’ll be ten times more influential than you would have been without reading up on your talk or topic.

9. Dress the part:

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If you look like you mean business people are going to take you more seriously. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you’re wearing last nights sleeping suit for your talk no one’s going to want to listen to what you have to say. If you want to be more influential make sure you’re looking the part.

8. Be truthful:

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When your talking to an audience make sure you’re sincere and truthful you don’t need to make up fake stories and you certainly don’t have to fake your attitude, if what your saying is coming from the heart your audience will feel it.

7. Make sure you aren’t boring them:

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Your speech or your talk should keep your audience engaged, you can’t just go on about the mitochondria and oxidative stress and expect the room to be hooked on to your every word. Make your talk interesting. I’m not asking you to compromise any of your material for the sake of comedy, just make sure it’s enlightening and fun at the same time.

6. Make sure the audience participates in the talk:

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Keep them interested by moving around and asking questions, even if your talking about something serious, people tend to learn more if they’re engaged in the talk or the lecture. It’s an excellent way to gain the audience’s favor, you’re no longer that unreachable figure on the raised podium, you’re one of them. Just as human. It’ll help you connect.

5. Stand up straight and be confident:

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If your projecting a confident persona people will automatically gravitate towards you. If your confident about what you have to say and yourself, it’ll have a bigger effect on your audience than you imagine. A winning smile can you take you places little else can.

4. Be funny:

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Your sense of humor is very important. If you’re coming off as funny, people will feel they have more reason to trust you. It’s a proven fact that a person who is perceived to be humorous is automatically perceived, to be honest as well. He’s just someone you can relate too, and so, he’s probably telling you the truth.

3. Keep the message clear:

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Don’t deviate from your main topic too much, keep the message clear and make sure everything you say and every story you tell comes back to the same thing. It’s important to solidify the message into your viewer or audience member mind, keep repeating the same message, in the same way, keep telling them the same thing but don’t repeat any of your words.

2. Keep it short:

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Keep it concise, say what you have to say, be gracious with your words but don’t elaborate more than you have too.

1. Set a tone:

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Set a tone for the talk from the first word you say. If you’re going to make it serious, start off strong, speak clearly and slowly enough for the audience to understand.

ARTICLE BY Born Realist