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We all have those days when we don’t feel like showering, I mean it’s natural, most of us are just too lazy to get up and get the job done, especially as adults when we don’t have anyone pushing us into the shower anymore. And it happens. we totally relate, but have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you fail to wash it on a daily basis? No? Well, we’ve compiled some points and explained them in graphic detail, brace yourself! Hopefully this will be the motivation you need to get up and take a bath!

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10. The sweat on your neglected skin:

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Have you ever exercised really hard like for an hour or two (no? Well imagine it anyway) and seen your shirt turn wet with all that sweat? And now tell us what comes after all that exercise? A shower, a long satisfying one. Well, not showering for two days is exactly like going around with your life without showering after exercise. The same amount of sweat accumulates as it would after hard exercise. And if you are not ready to get up and shower yet we should tell you that the same sweat clogs your pores and results in acne and body odor.

9. Your body becomes a city of germs:

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The atmosphere hosts a city worth of allergens and germs and you are exposed to all of them every single second of your life, and despite the fact that your body is constantly on the alert and is fighting against all of them (and mostly wins, go check out some facts on the immune system you’ll be surprised how amazing it is) bathing is important for maintaining a healthy body. And it helps removes most of the bacteria that could be potentially dangerous for you, washing them away and saving your body from tons of fatigue.

8. Airborne infections and infectious diseases:

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What keeps you safe from airborne diseases and infections in the air and around you in your surroundings? Its your hygiene. Failing to bath leaves you extremely vulnerable to infectious diseases; ranging from a case of flu to more serious diseases including several skin infections. Also, leaving the body unwashed promotes fungal growth on your skin and hair.

7. Skin infections and pimples:

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It’s hard enough keeping those pimples in check if you are a teenager with out of control hormones, imagine not being able to get rid of them because you aren’t bathing enough? The skin is the primary protection your body has against the environment and the dangers that it contains, everything that wants to get through to your body has to go through your skin first, and so, the skin takes the bulk of the hit most of the time. Not bathing leaves it more vulnerable and can land you a host of skin infections and acne.

6. The smell:

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Yes, lets discuss the inevitable, you will totally smell if you don’t shower, so might as well just get down and done with it. And the thing about the smell is that you don’t just smell cause of all that sweat and dirt, it’s actually the bacteria that’s been accumulating in your underarms and basically everywhere on your body.

5. Getting crusty:

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Once its been long enough all the sweat and dirt is going to start getting crusty, yes, by that we mean layer of sweat just peeling off your body and you’re left wondering what the stuff is. Before it comes to this point though, we believe its better that you start bathing, I mean, it’s not that hard, just get it done.

4. Getting sick and diseased:

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Bad hygiene is one of the top reasons why people get sick around the world, it’s usually poor conditions that helps bacterial and fungal germs to develop and thrive, and the skin can only take so much of the hit before it started getting sick as well, fungal infections of the skin are usually because of poor hygiene and sweat accumulation. As discussed previously a lot of airborne diseases also find their way into our body because of our carelessness when it come to our overall cleanliness.

3. Rashes and redness on the skin:

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As mentioned previously fungal infections are among the first to make homes on our skin as the sweat and moisture is exactly where they need to grow. Such fungal infections can lead to itching and redness and ultimately to rashes and other skin problems. Such issues can usually be resolved by started to shower daily, but an increased number of fungal infections can be due to immunodeficiency it’s better to get it checked by a doctor if the rashes and redness don’t go away after bathing.

2. All previous skin conditions worsen:

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Leaving your skin exposed to the sun and dust and then not even cleaning it after the day’s done can do nothing put pressure and worsen all the skin conditions your already suffering from, and not bathing doesn’t just cause problems for skin, it worsens all kinds of diseases, and makes the healing process harder for your body, so sometimes the best thing to do if you are sick its better is to get up and wash it off.

1. Oily hair:

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A lot of people suffer from having oily hair, and the dirt only makes your hair look worse in combination to all that oil. It gives you a dirty appearance and totally ruins your look completely by making you appear odd and unclean.

In conclusion:

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It’s important to understand that bathing not only helps our immune system in its mission to keep us healthy and secure, it also does wonders for our self-esteem and our public image. So when you wake up in the morning, do shower. Remember beauty is all about self-care and maintenance!

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Article by: Born Realist