Tricks to Choose Perfume in Canada for Night-Time


Choosing a scent seems to be a difficult task for many people, and it may get more difficult if you need to choose a perfume for a specific time like night time. If you are among the people, who think that choosing the right perfume is essential but it can take up a lot of time then you should read the following tricks to choose a perfume in Canada for night time.

Ø  Personality Matters

When choosing the right night time perfume from a reputed Canadian perfume website like Fragrance 365, you need to know whether you like floral scents or spicy scents more. Knowing what you personally like will help you filter through products easily and make the process less time-consuming.

Ø  Consider All Notes

If you intend to buy perfume online, make sure you read all the reviews to know the olfactory structure of each scent. It consists of three types of notes, high notes that are immediately there when you put on perfume, middle notes that emerge only after the high notes settle and the base notes that bring out the real scent.

Ø  Do a Skin Test

As many people are discovering that they are scent sensitive these days, you need to be smart and do a skin test to see whether a fragrance suits you or not. If you don’t want to buy an entire perfume bottle online only to realize that it doesn’t suit you, you should seek samples online and try them first.

Ø  Always Choose from EDPs

Though there are many perfume formulas, the best one for nighttime is Eau de parfum which is a heavy concoction that has a higher concentration of perfume than other options like Eau de toilette. The higher concentration ensures that people notice your scent easily.

Ø  Pick a Long-Lasting Fragrance

How long a fragrance would last usually depend on the perfume and alcohol blend. As mentioned above, EDP is perfect for nighttime because it has a higher concentration of perfume. It lasts for three to five hours. If you want something more long lasting, pick perfumes that last at least six to eight hours.

Ø  Remember the Pulse Points

There is no point in buying a good nighttime perfume if you don’t know where to put it. The basic rule is to put it on crucial pulse points like the back of neck, ears, back of the knee, and inside your elbows or wrists. These parts are warmer and would help perfume last longer.

Ø  Don’t Skip These

If you are a new perfume buyer looking for some help, you should consider the common night fragrances like amber, vanilla, musk, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, etc. These are deep and intense night fragrances that ensure people notice you.

Ø  Occasion Matters

Occasion and location matter when choosing a night perfume. In case you are planning to hit top nightclubs of Toronto, you need to spritz on heavier fragrances regularly. In contrast, if it’s your first dinner date, you need to tone it down and avoid overwhelming your partner with the scent.

Do you know of more tricks to choose a perfume for night-time? If so, you should share them with us!