The Importance of Protecting Your Industrial Network Against Cyber Vulnerability

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent. It can seem like there’s a new attack every single day. Hackers are targeting every conceivable type of business, and your industrial network could be vulnerable. Frank Gordon, of  Equustek Solutions Inc. says that protecting your industrial network needs to be a priority, because if it isn’t it could have a detrimental affect on your business. Hence, proper Cyber Security training is advised to be protected in this digital world. There are plenty of Cyber Security resources available online from where you can get proper knowledge that will help you be protected against various Cyber attacks. 

First, it could mean a loss of business. If a cyber attack is successful and infiltrates your network, you will need to shut down operations in order to reset the system, and install new security protocols. Depending on how successful the initial attack was, this may be for a period of days, weeks or months. If you don’t shut down, your system is even more vulnerable to a second attack.

A cyber vulnerability could also mean that your customer information is not secure. If your business is one with customer information databanks, it could be absolutely detrimental to have that information stolen. You risk not only your reputation as a business, but you are also putting your customers at risk. 

A cyber attack can massively damage your reputation. Current customers and business partners could lose faith in you, and may seek other companies to work with. Potential customers and partners may become hesitant to move forward with you if they are aware of your security breach. It may take you months, or even years to recover your reputation, even after the breach has been resolved.

Another possible side effect of a security breach is a loss of company assets. According to an analysis of incident data, the majority of cyber attacks are financially motivated, although espionage, and sabotage are also motives. It is entirely possible that a cyber attack could result in the hackers gaining access to financial details, such as bank accounts and passwords. Banks may help cover any financial loss, but this is dependant on a number of factors, and can not be relied upon as a contingency. Ransomware has also become an increasingly popular form of malware. This means that the hackers require that the company transfers funds, and they will release the system. Even paying the hackers to recover the network can still have a detrimental effect on company assets and reputation.

Lastly, if you have been subject to a severe attack, it can cause the business to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy could be because all the assets have been stolen by the hackers, or it may be a secondary effect. If customer personal data has been stolen, then the company may be open to lawsuits. The business may not be able to recover after an attack. There are many factors which can affect a business to the point of bankruptcy.

All things considered, cyber security needs to be made a priority. Measures should be taken to protect the industrial network. This may mean that patches are applied to the industrial control system during windows of routine maintenance. However you protect your industrial network, the most important thing is that you do protect your network.