Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

The tendency when pain occurs to treat it right away because it interferes with the chores that need to be done especially if it is back pain. The treatment for back pain may be accessible but it can vary with the cause and where the pain occurred. Back pain may occur in the upper, middle or lower part. Thus, if you want a helpful and effective treatment for your back pain, you can try Dr. Ho decompression belt. You can buy medicine as a remedy such as those pain reliever ones but if treatment is what you desire, you should try the decompression belt of Dr. Ho. It is really stressful if something will intervene with your business especially if it is painful. 

At home, sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy the rest of the day just chilling. But if back pain occurs, there will be no more relaxation. That is why you should treat it right away. Here are some treatments at home for lower back pain:

  1. Exercise and keep moving.

If the pain is still tolerable for you to keep moving. Once the pain starts to occur, do not wait for it to fully develop. From your position, try to make little movements but make sure you are not forcing your body to move. Try to make tolerable movements. As long as you can manage the pain while moving, do it. There may be levels of back pain but this treatment is for tolerable pain, from light to moderate.

  1. Use a hot or cold compress.

Hot or cold compress is very accessible at home. You can purchase a hot or cold compress. It is all over the market. But you can also do it yourself. For cold compress, what you need is a dry towel and ice. Cover the ice with the dry towel. Make sure that you can still feel the cool of the ice. Do not use a thick towel. For hot compress, what you need is a bottle, a dry towel, and hot water. Your water should not be boiling. Just enough to temperature, the bottle can handle. You can use a towel to cover the bottle if it is too hot for your skin.  

  1. Correct your posture.

One of the major reasons why back pain occurs is the improper posture. This may not just occur at the lower back but can occur with your entire back. To avoid and to treat lower back pain, you must have a proper posture. As early as possible, you should practice a proper posture. 

  1. Eat healthy meals

Do not undervalue a proper diet. The reason why back pain occurs is that you might be starting to develop a disease. Also, if you have unhealthy habits such as smoking, etc you should start to abstain from it. Lower back pain is normal to experience but there might be cases where it is alarming if it is associated with a disease. Moreover, the reason why lower back pain is you are lacking nutrients. Start practicing a balanced diet. Eat foods that are rich in protein.