This is Probably the most Advanced and Amazing Travel Pillow Out There

Created by some amazingly brilliant medical engineers, the BullRest Memory Foam is the smallest and most comfortable travel pillow out there made specially to provide maximum comfort and to enable you rest without worrying about waking up with a tired and hurting neck. It is also 80% smaller than any other traditional pillow and is even compatible with noise-canceling headphones, making it by far the best investment you’ll be making this year!

image credits: Born Realist Shop

“The BullRest is very comfortable. Like a firm mattress for your skull.” -The Wall Street Journal

The BullRest promotes better posture as well while maintaining comfort and promotes neck alignment, making sure that you wake up relaxed and your neck remains unstrained and rested! It also provides support to your head and shoulders while keeping the C1 and C7 vertebra aligned. (Told you, it was made by some fine medical engineers) and it’s one size fits about 85% of the entire adult population so you don’t have to go around trying to find the perfect size for you!

image credits: Born Realist Shop

It also comes with a carrying bag that you can attach to your bag-pack and carry around! Well, what are you waiting for? Extreme comfort and sweet dreams await you with BullRest Memory Foam!

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Article by Born Realist