12 Companies That are Just as Great, If Not Better Than Google, To Work With

Google is said to be the ideal company to work for, with so many perks and an amazing working environment, but the misconception needs to end as there are 12 companies that equally as awesome as Google when it comes to job opportunities. There are companies with unlimited vacations to discount on gym or home buying, beer on the tap and at the same time working on the coolest projects and products that are creating positive affects all over the world. Here are some of the most amazing companies that might even be better than Google plus they are hiring too.

12. Dropbox:

Image Credit: Dropbox

Dropbox is a revolutionary company with a mission of simplifying working together for people. The company has a following of 400 million+ from all around the world. The team at Dropbox is coming up with the best, most powerful and simplest platform for collaboration. Their mission goes way beyond the company profit, involving them in fundraising efforts for different charities and hospitals. Their team is an inclusive one where engineers work on cross product collaboration for encouraging the team to learn from each other. The company comes with the perks of a cafe and bar where you can get gourmet meals along with a good PTP and VTO and many other amenities making it easier for you to deal with other thing in your life.

11. Peloton Cycle:

Image Credit: TNW

Peloton Cycle is the inventor of the famous bike to for satisfying all of your work out needs. The users of Peloton can track their progress along with live stream studio cycling classes which gives user the user a sense of motivation along with instruction and guidance needed to achieve their fitness goal without even leaving their house. The company as a huge demand in market and is growing crazily all around the world on home base and professional gyms too.

10. OneLogin:

Image Credit: OneLogin

OneLogin is a company behind scalable system to secure employee, customer and partner access to enterprise information. The company has a variety of software packages which reduce the security cost and increase compliance to strengthen enterprises security and enabling businesses to get more efficient. The perks for employees include unlimited time off for vacation or being sick along with paid lunches, beer and iced coffee on tap, gym membership discount and huge amount of happy hours and holiday parties.

9. AppNexus:

Image Credit: MSPoweruser

AppNexus is a tech based company that works on providing a cloud based software platform for enabling and optimizing online programmatic advertisements. Their headquarters are in New York City and globally situated in 23 offices around the world. The company has more the 1000 employees consisting of brightest minds for advertisements and technology. The team is looking for even more employees to make a further bigger impact.

8. Rocket Games:

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Rocket Games is a passionate video game veteran startup which is dedicated to development of some innovative mobile games without getting involved in larger gaming industries. The company was founded just two years ago and has a following of more than 1 million users on their 20 online games. The company’s fast growth has opened gates for more gamers to join their team. Their starting package as a startup is very generous by including 401(k) with 6% matching to prove that company’s main focus is on employees and the influence that they create.

7. Waypoint Homes:

Image Credit: Waypoint Homes

Waypoint Homes is one big revolution in the department of real estate. The team works with renovation, maintenance, and lease, management of prime single- family properties, building valuable communities and empowering people with every new residence. With every single success, the employees of Waypoint Homes are given rewards and opportunities to lead company in future. One big benefit for working them is also the 10% discount on the house they live in.

6. Spredfast:

Image Credit: Spredfast

Spredfast is behind building personalized and creative platforms for social media. The employees work day and night to redefine social media possibilities. The main aim is to help client use social media in most unique and creative ways and help them do things they were never able to do before. Just like Google, Spredfast gives time to employees for exploring new ideas.

5. HealthcareSource:

Image Credit: HealthcareSource

The company as a leading provider of talent management software offers best most comprehensive solutions for addressing needs that can be critical for healthcare talent management professionals. The employees work together in teams, focusing on the customer’s happiness while keeping their diverse views intact. The company follows the ‘Live It’ value which is encouraging them to be their best in no matter what they do. They can even play board games during lunch for keeping mind fresh and happy.

4. Igloo:

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Igloo is a cloud platform which is designed for companies to help them create an intranet for meeting their needs. The company plans on expanding further and moving to new office making them look for adding more talent to their team. The employees get an awesome benefit package, big stock options and competitive wages. The company holds theme days to add more fun and color to company like Donut Breakfast, Animal T-shirt Friday, Nerf Wars and Oktoberfest office celebration.

3. Kasasa by BancVue:

Image Credit: firstsouthernbank.net

Kasasa is a really powerful source to progressive financial solutions and support. The company deliver comprehensive consultation along with expert marketing, award winning technology and customized resources. Their aim is to build foundations and future for credit unions and community banks by helping them withstand hardship. The company encourages employees and managers to work side by side trusting the power in employee’s hands to get the job done perfectly. The monthly celebrations keep it fun for everyone to work together. Karaoke night, Beer Olympics and Top Chef: Break Room Edition are just some of the fun activities.

2. DogVacay:

Image Credit: AppJobs

Dovacay is a handy iOS app and website for pet owners to search for insured hosts, vetted, book stays and online payment within just few clicks. The work environment comes with huge perks, one being the location itself beside the beach in Santa Monica. The team all hold sessions for brainstorming in the sand and the dogs at the office also love the ocean view during their afternoon strolls. The company also provide with in-house massages for who want to unwind inside.

1. MD Insider:

Image Credit: Built In LA

MD insider is software for a behind the scene look of medical industry. The company provides with a factual database for physician performance, experience, quality of care and medical costs along with all the factors important for making healthcare affordable. The employees are bright independent minds that are highly motivated individuals. The MD insider provides with the best equipment for training, seminars or conferences as it might be requested by the employees. The company also has a unlimited paid time-off policy with trust in employees to making sure their responsibilities get covered.