10 Major Reasons Why People Leave Others

Nowadays leaving people is like a game in which everyone participates to some extent. We do it constantly, even the kindest among us—we leave people. We leave our partners. We leave companions inside and out as we set out toward the separation court with a blend of blame, disgrace, pride, trouble and expectation. We leave our  neighbors as we move to some other area, with faint promises to keep up. We lose our friends over the late spring as we climb a review or go to another school. We drop a few companions since we can’t take them any longer and we say farewell to different friends since, well, you can’t stay aware of everybody.

10. Ego:

leaving people

Too much ego will leave you alone. Leaving people behind because of your ego will kill your talent. Attacks on the ego are met with defense mechanisms, often angry ones. People react with anger, withdrawal, anxiety, sadness, etc. Ego wounds can lead to a loss of self-esteem. The man will likely strongly regret or mourn the ego blow, as it is painful. It is a strange disease. It makes everyone sick except the person who has it.

9. Self Obsession:

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Such people take advantage of you and later leave you in the middle of nowhere. Self obsessed people are way too weird. They only think for themselves. They’ll do anything to defend their self image. They are big liars. They struggle with empathy and aren’t very giving. They aren’t the most caring people. Once they are done with you, they’ll leave you.

8. Society Issue:

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People leave others because they don’t find the other person attractive. Nowadays people want to be with those who are popular. What others will think is the main root cause. Leaving people because what others will think or it will not be a good impact on your life shows how selfish and mean the other person is. But nowadays people actually don’t care about other people’s feelings.

7. Lack Of Sense:

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Open-minded people always believe that there are multiple perspectives in any situation. That being said, there is a reoccurring scenario where common sense is lacking and needs to be addressed. Such people don’t use their sense and hurt other people’s feeling without any cause. They are totally insane.

6. Lack Of Education:

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Education is a dynamic process involving individuals, groups, and society in which they live. It is a process which is shaped by the past, and at the same time, one which must be refined continuously to meet challenges which cannot be avoided in the future. But people who lack education are not well civilized. There’s one misunderstanding and they leave people for good.

5. Jealousy:

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Jealousy itself is a killer. People might have different reasons in different cultures for being jealous. Jealousy is a universal emotion. It damages yours or other’s mind. It is one of those demons that just seems to take everything over when it is felt and despite this we leave other people behind. Instead of getting jealous you should concentrate on yourself first.

4. Fed Up:

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People really don’t understand what impact they leave on other’s life.  People get frustrated from others and leave people in the middle of nowhere. Other people think their entire life that what they have done wrong. They keep regretting their whole life. It becomes frustrating and people feel guilty.

3. Not Finding Interest Anymore:

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At times people get fed up from each other. They get depressed and because of this, they insult other people. They lack confidence and self acceptance. Instead of feeling bad for yourself, asking yourself what can you do to make things right, and start acting on it, people misbehave with others and leave them.

2. Family Restrictions:

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Some people have set their standards and mindsets so high. They don’t even bother to shake hand with who are medicores. Sometimes your family doesn’t support you. They don’t let you to be friends with those who are not very much rich. Many relationships have ended because of family restrictions.

1. Self Centered:

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Leaving people behind is life’s most frequent street taken. At times we leave people because of our ego. We float away from them by not calling. This luck way quiets our blame and makes us appear of kinder kind. Now and then there is a conscious choice to get somebody out of our life.

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Article by Born Realist