16 Extremely Creative Teachers Whose Classes You Shouldn’t Skip

We all know school can be quite boring sometimes, especially when you have teachers who are less of teachers and more of Hitlers. However, there are a few lucky students, blessed to have some great teachers in their life. Some of these teachers have an amazing sense of humor while some are blessed with really good looks.

In this article, Born Realist reveals some of the most ingenious teachers whose class you just can’t skip.

16. This Teacher Recognizes The Hard Work:

So even if your homework went missing or your dog ate it, this teacher will recognize all your hard work.

15. The Teacher Who Never Gets Absent:

Image source: imgur.com

Since this teacher could not make it to the class, she decided to send in a professional picture of her to the students.

14. This Teacher Knows How To Fuel The Fire:

Ouch! This teacher knows well, how to play with the students’ feelings.

13. This Teacher Knows How To Prevent Cheating:

Image source: https://imgur.com/

This is one creative teacher. You simply cannot cheat in this teacher’s class.

12. You Just Don’t Mess With This Teacher:


It’s true, even your teacher was once a student. This teacher understands his students pretty well.

11. Who Thought Math Could Be So Much Fun:

Meet Pietro Boselli, world’s hottest math teacher. Pietro became a worldwide celebrity when his students posted his pictures online which went viral immediately. Apart from being hot, Pietro also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

10. This Teacher Knows How To Grab Your Attention:

Image source: https://imgur.com/

You simply cannot refuse free tickets for a Taylor Swift concert. This teacher knows how to grab attention.

9. That One Teacher Who Understands Our Pain:

Luckily, it’s not just the students who have to wake up at 7 in the morning. This teacher’s silent protest is a great community service.

8. This Chemistry Teacher Has All The Answers:


Who knows better than a chemistry teacher?!

7. The Right Box For Late Assignments:


Image source: https://imgur.com/

Most teachers are very organized. They have all the right folders for every assignment. Just like this one here.

6. This Is One Clever Teacher:


This teacher has no time to waste by calling out every student’s name for attendance. So, he invented this.

5. This Teacher Knows How To Keep Eye On The Class:

This teacher knows well how to optimize space.

4. When The Teacher Is Not Available:

Image source: https://imgur.com/

Since this teacher could not be available for counseling hours, he posted a picture of him on the door. Guess, you’d have to get used to this.

3. This Teacher Knows How To Motivate The Students:

Image source: http://i.imgur.com/

Ever feeling demotivated? This teacher has all the right quotes to motivate his students.

2. Another Good Looking Math Teacher:

This is Oksana Neveselya. Oksana teaches math and believes beauty and intelligence can both be found in one body. Currently, Oksana is touring in Malaysia and has approximately 173,000 Instagram followers.

1. The Goofy Teacher:

This teacher for sure knows how to look different in the yearbook picture.

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Article By: Born Realist