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9 Ways You Can Be Comfortable Taking Risks



risk taking

Every once in a while, there comes a time when you have to make a choice. Take that risk or keep on living the life you are comfortable in. Being comfortable doesn’t take you places. You stand on the same spot for years achieving nothing at all. On the other hand risk taking moves you forward up the ladder to achieve your goals, live your dream. You cannot achieve your dream as long as you are not ready to sacrifice your comfort ability. It will only let you dream and dream till the time runs out. Here are some ways for your comfortable self to take risks.

9. Don’t take stress and Focus on the Positive

risk taking

The biggest obstacle that stops us from moving forward is negative thinking. Instead of focusing on those thoughts turn the direction to the positives. Think of what can go right in risk taking. You would be breaking free and taking the first step towards achieving that goal you’ve always wanted to. You will be more focused when you think of the positives and then sky really would be the limit. If you take risk your mind would no longer be in a constant battle of should I or shouldn’t I.

8. Don’t be Scared of Admitting your Fears

risk taking

You definitely have to get out of your comfort zone for risk taking and to do so is to acknowledge your fears. Best way is to take a piece of paper and right down all the things that scare you and stop you from taking a leap. Think of ways to get rid of all those fears and anxieties. Remember eliminating these would bring you closer to your goal.

7. See who your Friends are

risk taking

No matter how small or big the circle is, we like to surround ourselves with people we can be comfortable around. This sounds nice but it doesn’t always happen that the people you are comfortable around, becomes your strength. You have to analyze what types of friends they are. If they do motivate you and encourage you on every step and stand beside you throughout your ups and downs than congratulations, you don’t have to be scared anymore of risk taking.

6. You should Think Big and Start Small

risk taking

While your focus should be on the bigger goal, you should take small steps towards it. Every small step would encourage you to move forward to the bigger goal. That confidence that you achieve by taking successful small steps becomes your key to risk taking. Basically dream BIG and move towards it step by step rather than trying to jump towards the final level. You have to play each and every level to get to the final round.

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5. Don’t Forget! Knowledge is Power

risk taking

While on your way, be open to learning new things. Understand that risk taking doesn’t always end in your favor but still it’s not a negative thing. You might think that you didn’t succeed but in reality it gives you knowledge and experience. You might have made some mistakes that lead you downhill but you can always learn from them and start again. Don’t forget “Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again“- K.T Witten

4. Don’t overthink it while Risk Taking

risk taking

Life is short! Don’t spend more time on thinking than actually doing it. Don’t waste your time saying ‘let me think about it’ by the time you end your thinking process and makeup your mind, it’s already too late. The opportunity has long passed away. Get out there and try risk taking.

3. Learn to say ‘So what?”.

risk taking

In risk taking, you have to understand that no success comes easy, there’s always a chance that you might fail. Don’t let that failure rule your head, you have to understand that no one can succeed without failing a few times. That’s how you actually become the person you should be to achieve the goal. The important thing is to not focus on the failure and understand that it would lead you to success. Don’t sit around and cry over your failure. Just say ‘ so what if I failed? If I have failed more times, I have won most times.’

2. Set your priorities.

risk taking

There’s a difference between risk taking and plain stupidity. Set your priorities when starting something. For example if you mortgage your family home to start a business that you know might fail, is plain stupidity. Make list of priorities from low to high thinking while taking the risk if you lose a certain thing, would it make a big difference? If yes then don’t put it on the line.

1. Don’t run after Perfection

risk taking

You have to know when to let go. There are times in when you try to work your way to perfection even when doing small tasks. You have to understand that while you spend extra time in perfecting the already done work, you are losing time. In risk taking perfection doesn’t matter as much as the work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be workable.

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