These 7 Amazing Things Happen To You When You Learn A Second Language

Learning a second language is not a piece of cake, it’s as tricky as baking the perfect cake. You need to give that language a proper time to learn it with true dedication. You can only see your body fit when you hit the gym regularly.  Just like that you can only be a language learner if you commit to it. Learning a new language will only make your life better in so many amazing ways, some of which are listed below.

7. Help Increase Decision Making Power

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Learning a new language increases your capacity to make quick decisions. As a Language learner you train and develop the process to make fast decisions during practicing speech. You constantly have to decide quickly which word comes next to complete that sentence and by practicing it again and again a time comes when you start speaking the second language fluently because your decision making power’s increase

6. Gives Opportunities On Global Scale

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Knowing a second or third language expands your horizon and connects you with other regions of the world. When companies expand across borders, they desperately need bilingual speakers to handle work between the two countries with different language. If you have a business expanding to other countries or a job in multinational company, being a language learner will help you in your career and you can even apply for jobs in those countries.

5. Expands Social Circle

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Learning a new language introduces you to a completely new culture and without the language barrier you can connect with the people belonging to that culture easily. When you go to a new country, you’ll feel distant and lost without knowing their language. Knowing someone’s language can connect you to them and make it easy for both of you to socialize and understand each other.

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4. Traveling Would Be A Completely New Experience

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When traveling, knowing the local language will connect you with the local people who can guide you to the trip better than any tourist map could. The locals will know the nooks and corners and experiences you can have that a tour guide can never tell you. Being a language learner will make your trips ten times better.

3. You’ll Be Able To Become A Language Learner

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Learning a second language will make it easier for you to learn a third, fourth or fifth language as your mind would already have the skills required to learn a language and it won’t be as hard as it was the first time. Each new language will you more confident, connect you with new cultures and increase your career opportunities

2. Increase Memory Muscle Power

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Your brain would be trained to learn so many things and store them as it would be storing the new language. It will exercise your brain into remembering all the small details that you used to forget before.

1. It Will Connect You With Your Roots

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When the new language connects you with a new culture, in a strange way you start thinking about your own culture and heritage and what are the similarities and differences between the two. You also become conscious about representing your heritage and culture in a foreign land and try your best for it to be the best representation that can be there.

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Article by Born Realist