8 Things To Be Impressed By Instead Of Money And Power

When we look at a person, often we judge him based on his appearance and status. Is it really the right thing to be impressed by someone’s money and power. We live in the advanced world so why should we be such shallow thinkers. A human should not be defined by his money or power, instead there’s an entire list of qualities in a man that should leave an impression on you.

8. The Way a Person Meets You

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When you meet a new person, instead of judging them on their appearance, observe how they maintain eye contact, respect your opinion and perspective. Be impressed by how they make you feel important and listen to you carefully. Even if they don’t agree with you on some point, they would decline your point in a way that you won’t feel bad and understand their perspective as well.

7. Are Not Afraid To Be A Little Vulnerable

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If a person doesn’t get in a competition with you based on your success and accepts his defeat while even complimenting your way of achieving your goal. That is something to be impressed with. The quality of accepting defeat and praising the winner genuinely marks an impression on every heart.

6. Avoiding Conflict

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When opinions are laid on the table, conflicts are definitely going to take place. Because every person have a different opinion and not everyone feels the same about a particular thing. In such situation a person who tackles it all by agreeing to agreeable points and shows the difference of opinion without being egoistic or offending someone that is the kind of quality to be impressed with.

5. Accepting Mistakes

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If a person admits his mistake without being afraid of becoming a laughing stock, He is a genuine person. He does not give explanations trying to create points that it was not his mistake. Be impressed if he takes responsibility for all his actions without confrontation.

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4. Passing The Waiter Test

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Meeting someone new and don’t know how they’ll be. Passing the waiter test will definitely leave an impression on you. If the person next to you treats the waiter equally and calls him with respect that is definitely a quality to be impressed with.

3. Not Forgetting Names

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If someone doesn’t remember your name, that means they are not serious about you or have forgotten you already. The quality you are looking for is that even after a short interaction a person not only remembers your name but even the small details. Be impressed by how they show that you are important to them.

2. Not Bragging

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Even if someone hangs around a lot of famous people or have a better car or house than you, they don’t brag about it. A quality to be impressed with is that even after having more money and power than you, they don’t ever bring it up and still remain down to earth and humble.

1. Speaking less

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If a person you just met makes you open up about yourself and interact with you paying attention to every word, Instead of just going on and on about themselves that is the quality to be impressed with.

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Article by Born Realist