Having These 6 Habits Is A Sign That You Are Smart Enough To Create Something That Matters

The reason you are here is because you want to know if you come in the category of those intelligent people that can create things that matter. The thing is, everyone is capable enough to do so, it’s just that sometimes we get stuck so much in our thoughts that it becomes hard for us to focus in the right direction. These 6 habits will help you create things that matter.

6. Stop Criticizing Yourself

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It might happen often that we reject or completely shuts our own ideas completely. It is actually a causing you to lose your creativity. Your self-doubt and criticism will not let you get ahead in life; you’ll start questioning your abilities and eventually think of yourself as a failure. Trust in yourself and your abilities, if an idea came out of your mind, the way to make it true will too.

5. Stop Thinking About The Past

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Your past experiences are just supposed to help you learn and become better. They are not there for you to dwell on them or doubt your abilities. Learn from the past mistakes and move on with your life. This is what intelligent people do and this is what you should do.

4. Stop Explaining Yourself

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Stop justifying your actions to others. People are going to judge you no matter what. Don’t be a people pleaser or do things just because they would get you accepted by people. If you want to fall in the category of intelligent people that trust yourself and your abilities. It’s your life and you should be the one deciding the paths you want to take in order to live it to the fullest. Do it without any regrets.

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3. Experiment With Yourself

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Put some boundaries or limitations around you that will force you to expand your horizon and think outside the box. It will definitely increase your creativity level. Constraining yourself will help you focus in one direction without letting your thoughts get scattered and as a result you’ll be one of those intelligent people who make things happen for themselves.

2. Choose Quality Over Quantity

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When you start producing quality work, with time the quantity increases. If you try to focus on quantity first, you’ll have your hand occupied to you nails and still you won’t be able to get the best result. Intelligent People focus on getting the perfect quality rather than quantity.

1. Getting Stuck Is Not Scary

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When you get stuck, stop thinking about the situation you are stuck in and don’t force yourself to find solution. Instead relax yourself for a while, go out with friends, have a cup of coffee, watch a good movie or just take a nap. When your mind gets relaxed, it can start focusing on the stuck situation in a new way and it helps in finding the solution.

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Article by Born Realist