8 Steps That Will Help You Make The Right Career Choice

Career picking is a Difficult task. The world is filled right now with more interesting and promising career choices than there ever were in history. So many options, so many career choices, where to go? Choosing a career could be hectic as your mind is just running all over the place thinking what to do, as you know how crucial it is to choose the right career because you would be the one making a living out of it and everyone wants to make a happy living. So How to Make The Right Career Choices? Born Realist is here to help you get your career finalized

Step-1 Evaluate yourself, Know your Personality

Before looking into the career choices, first you must know yourself, What are your interests? Skills? How much stamina do you have? What is your personality type? Self evaluation will guide you in choosing a career for yourself, It will tell if the career you are interested in, is right for you or not. Take an Online Self Assessment test, the results will tell you about your traits, potential and what direction should you go for career hunting.

Step-2 Ask yourself these 5 Questions

What skills do you have? know what are you good at, what is that one skill that you could turn into a career. Promotion or Prevention focused? Promotion focused are optimistic, focused, risk takers, abstract thinkers, creative minded. Prevention focused are planners, status conscious, analytic thinkers, non-risk takers. What environment do you want to work in? Alone, in a Team, office cube, Home room, Fields?? What is the lifestyle you look forward to? Should it be Money making, time providing, offer social time, give travelling perks? Where do you want to live? If you want to live in New York and want to work as an anthropologist, not a good mix. This will help you in picking through career choices

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Step-3 List down The Occupations of your Interest

At this point you must have many options running through your mind. So many career choices… Get organised write all the options on a piece of paper and along them write all the reasons why that career might be good for you, based on the self assessment and 5 questions that you answered. Reasoning will again make the list smaller as sometimes the reason in your head when listed down doesn’t seem like it makes sense.

Step-4 Explore all the Occupations that you Listed down

From the career choices that you listed, narrow the list down from 15 to 10 options, Go online, read newspapers, Find out the type of opportunities these jobs provide, what are there education requirement?,  What are the chances of Advancement in those particular fields? working hours, earning, benefits? Know these all things as they would definitely divert your interest to some and make you move further away from others.

Step-5 Short List the Top 3 Career choices

By now you must have top 3 career choices in your mind, okay maximum 5 or minimum 2, but no more or less. Followed by step 4 there might be some education requirements that you can’t fulfill, you don’t agree with the annual salary or the work load is not suitable for you. These things might not seem like much when choosing a career, you might think that you’ll adjust yourself or find a common ground, but they do tend to create difficulty further in your life if they don’t match your properties.

Step-6 Interview professionals working in fields of your Interest

Best way to finalize the Career you want to work in is do a first hand interview with the professionals working in those specific fields. Try to reach out to those who are more experienced or are working on higher ranks in your listed career choices, not only will you know more about the field but also how much and what kind of struggles they went through to achieve there goals. This will tell if you are ready to face those kind of ups and downs to reach your goal or that you might need to look the other direction for success.

Step-7 Finally, Choose the Right Career for your

Finally we are here after lots of self analyzing, questioning, detailed research and interviews, now you are ready to pick one career that suits you the best. Relax, you don’t need to panic if there are many ‘what ifs’ going through your mind. You might think that you’ll have to be with this career forever, which is not true, you can always experiment with new careers if the old one doesn’t work out. Just make sure that you don’t blackout to early or really really late. There are plenty of career choices throughout life.

Step-8 Identify your Long Term and Short Term Goals

Now create a list of goals under two headings, one ‘Long Term’ under it. Write down all the goals that you want to achieve or you think that you can achieve in 3 to 5 years time from now. Name the second heading ‘ Short Term’ and under it, write down the goals you want to achieve from 6 months to 3 years.

You are ready! Go out there and start working on the career choice, Be confident, Be aware of yourself, you can do it.

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