How To Play Bingo Like An Experienced Professional

The humble game of classic bingo, which originated in Italy in the 1530s and arrived in the United States of America in the 1950s, has remained a cherished, beloved and regularly played game across the world.

Carry on reading to discover the easy way to learn how to play the classic game of bingo like an experienced professional.

Know Your Basics

Thankfully, and perhaps testament to how long it has lasted in the public conscious as a favorite national pastime, the basics of bingo are entirely simple and a fundamentally straight-forward process. True bingo professionals usually hold far more than the standard six tickets in their hands each game, always playing with multiple cards and the ultimate key is total concentration; do not ever become distracted by another player or what is going on in another part of the room, as if you miss a number, absolutely no one will be able to help you and you might even accidentally forgo a win.

Professional and successful bingo players, especially those who always seem to win from an outsider’s point of view, always set a clear and regimented budget that is a line in the sand that they will never cross, no matter how tempted they may seem.

Bingo Calls!

A truly established, experienced and professional bingo player not only knows the bingo calls off by heart, but is also overly-familiar and rehearsed in bingo lingo and shorthand. Most people, whether avid players of bingo or not, are familiar with some of the classic number calls, but are you aware of some of the lesser-known bingo number nicknames?

  • Number 64 – ‘Red Raw’
  • Number 73 – ‘Queen Bee’
  • Number 26 – ‘Pic and Mix’
  • Number 51 – ‘Tweak of the Thumb’
  • Number 44 – ‘Droopy Drawers’

To appear and, to legitimately become, a bingo professional, you should familiarize yourself with each of the bingo shoutouts for all 90 numbers, which may even help and quicken your overall game. This can seriously boost the speed which you play each bingo game and will certainly set you apart from the majority of the other players.

Hone Your Skills Online

If you prefer to play bingo while relaxing in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home, there is a huge plethora of online bingo sites where you can unwind and enjoy the game with zero travel commitments and no social constraints. If you are already a fan of online bingo, you should always compare bingo sites UK websites that are available in your region, using an established and experienced bingo sites reviewer.

Relax and Enjoy!

The ultimate key to playing bingo like a professional is to relax into the game and really enjoy it. The best way to learn is to earn experience with the game and this can only be achieved by playing the game over and over, in all its varying forms, until you are completely, entirely versed in the game.

Today a novice, but after putting these tips into practice you’ll up your game in no time at all.

Article by Born Realist