From an Average Indian girl to a Famous Worldwide Sensation, Vidya Vox

Vidya Vox
Image Credits: Vidya Vox Twitter

“…Vidya Iyer is poised to become a household name…” -Vogue India

Vidya Iyer is an Indian-born American singer who is currently known as Vidya Vox around the globe due to her famous collection of mash-ups and covers. She was born in Chennai and grew-up in Virginia. When she was young, She was dragged to Carnatic lessons and she have had many great instructors including D.K. Nagarajan, brother of the late D.K. Pattamal. She moved to Washington, USA and now has graduated from Washington University with a degree in Psychology.

Vidya Vox
Image Credits: Vidya Vox Twitter

In less than Two years, her eponymous YouTube(Vidya Vox) channel filled with mesmerizing mash-ups and covers have gathered 2.6 million subscribers(now) and she is currently taking some lessons on Western music. She started back in 2015 when she posted her first video of the amazing mash-up which is not similar to any old unplugged covers that populate YouTube.

She’s currently hired by “Shankar Tucker Band” as a “Vocalist” and had performed at some awesome places like White House, NCPA, Dubai, University of Pennsylvania and Webster Hall.

Vidya Vox
Image Credits: Vidya Vox Twitter

Above shot is from the performance at University of Pennsylvania. She really had great time there which can be clearly seen from her expressions.

Here are some of Vidya Vox’s best and popular mash-ups and covers :

1.Sia – Big Girls Cry | Kabhi Jo Badal (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover)

“We stumbled upon Kabhi jo badal barse. The two songs blended organically,”- Iyer says

This is her first video, a mashup cover of two of her favorite songs, Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” and “Kabhi Jo Badal Barse.” Just a quick project for fun, we finished everything in one day! The video is produced by Shankar Tucker Band.

2.Major Lazer – Lean On | Jind Mahi (Vidya Mashup Cover ft Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni, Raginder Momi)

“The live bhangra version of Lean On is so epic I love my punjabis @majorlazer.” – Diplo, (re: Vidya’s this mashup)

One year ago, This song is was done on the advice of the Pianist and the Composer (Ms. Raashi Kulkarni). Vidya Vox just knew that the idea is blast and they had to make a mash-up. This video have 2.6 million views(now).

3.Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers – Vidya & KHS Remix

This video has 6.2 million views(now).

Shooting The Video is full of fun with Vidya Vox“. – KHS


4.Chaiyya Chaiyya / Don’t Stop MASHUP!! – INDIA EDITION ft Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker, Vidya

Kurt Hugo Schnerider, Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker and Indian vocalist Vidya Iyer collaborated on the clip (flimed in and around Mumbai, India), which managed to catch the attention of Dil Se director Shah Rukh Khan, who tweeted it out.” –People Magazine

This video was filmed in the streets of Mumbai, India and have almost 5 million views(now).

5.Be Free (Original) | Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam (Vidya Vox Mashup) (ft. Vandana Iyer)

Official mashup video for Vidya Vox’s 2016 song “Be Free”(original) and the popular Malayalam folk song “Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam”, covered by Vandana Iyer. This video have 12.5 million views(now).

6.Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore | Pani Da Rang (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) (ft. Saili Oak)

Official Vidya Vox mashup cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez and “Pani Da Rang” by Ayushmann Khurrana has gathered 7.1 million views(now).

7.The Chainsmokers – Closer | Kabira (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) (ft. Casey Breves)

Official Vidya Vox and Casey Breves mashup cover of “Closer” by Chainsmokers and “Kabira” by Pritam ft. Tochi Raina, Rekha Bhardwaj. This video has gathered extreme number of views more than 35 million (now).

8.Sandcastles (Original) | Teri Khair Mangdi (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) (ft. Devender Pal Singh)

Official mashup video for Vidya Vox’s 2016 original “Sandcastles” and Devender Pal Singh’s cover of “Teri Khair Mangdi” by Bilal Saeed. This mash-up got 11.6 million views (now).

9.DJ Snake (ft. Justin Bieber) – Let Me Love You | Tum Hi Ho (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover)

“For an artist to be able to take someone else’s work and make it his or her is rare – and for that cover to stand up to the orginal, even rarer. That’s exactly what Vidya did here…”  –Elite Daily

Official Vidya Vox mashup cover of “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake & Justin Bieber, and “Tum Hi Ho” by Mithoon & Arijit Singh. This video gotten 28.5 million views (now).

10.Sia – Cheap Thrills (Vidya Vox Cover) (ft. Shankar Tucker & Akshaya Tucker)

This is official video cover of Sia “Cheap Thrills” that has done by Iyer and her team. This video has gathered around 15 million views(views).

11.Taal Se Taal Mila (Vidya Vox Remix Cover) (ft. Shankar Tucker & Jomy George)

Her mashups connect your soul to music…(she) is on her way to becoming the voice ruling YouTube.” –India Today

Official 2016 Vidya Vox cover of A.R. Rahman’s “Taal Se Taal Mila,” feat. Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayanan has gathered 6 million views and counting.

12.John Legend – All Of Me | Main Hoon Hero Tera (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover)

Vidya Vox, wherever you are, what an amazing voice you have. Listening (to the) mashups nonstop. Bravo.” – Hrithik Roshan

Official video for D.C. based singer and songwriter Vidya’s 2015 cover of John Legend’s billboard smash hit “All Of Me”, from the album Love in the Future and “Main Hoon Hero Tera” by Salman Khan and Amaal Mallik from the movie “Hero” which has reached 10 million views(now).

13.Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love | Balam Pichkari (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover)

Official video for D.C. based singer and songwriter Vidya’s 2015 cover of Calvin Harris & Disciples’ billboard smash hit “How Deep Is Your Love” and “Balam Pichkari” by Vishal Dadlani and Shalmali Kolgade, from the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani gotten almost 10 million views and counting.


Vidya can’t live without her headphones and iTablaPro app. She loves to decorate spaces very well. She loves warm weather, tennis and reading. She also loves to dance, eat tacos and celebrate all different types of festivals. She doesn’t have any cool life mottos, she just takes life one day at a time.

“There are a bunch of original songs waiting for release. I had written some more, but I didn’t like them. So, I will keep working on it. It’s the only way I will get better.” –Vidya Vox

vidya vox
Image Credits: Vidya Vox Twitter

If you’ve been anywhere near YouTube the past couple of years, the name Vidya Iyer shouldn’t be hard to recognize.” – Deccan Herald