What Do You Know About CCIE Data Center?

Cisco CCIE Data Center certification validates the expert level skills necessary for the preparation, plan, completion and organization of multifaceted up to date IT data center communications.

Overview: Why Officially State?

The CCIE Data Center practitioner is exclusively capable to engage in recreation a management position in harnessing developing technologies and bottomless area know how to get together business requirements that depend on a nimble IT infrastructure. Professionals who attain CCIE Data Center certification have established their technological skills at the maximum level, using manufacturing best practices.

Highly developed skills are listening cautiously on Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, fabric communications, storage space networking and calculate, network services, and computerization and orchestration. Information of developing technologies and their crash on the architectural framework, operation models, completion, and processes are built in CCIE certification.


At the same time as there are no official prerequisites for CCIE certification, you are predictable to have an in depth understanding of the examination topics and are powerfully confident to have eight years of job knowledge previous to attempting guarantee. Other expert certifications or training routes are not necessary. As an alternative, candidates have to first pass the SPOTO CCIE Data Center Lab and Written Exam, and then the matching CCIE Data Center Lab Exam.

Put into practice Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (350-601 DCCOR) (350-601)


Put into practice and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies v1.0 (DCCOR 350-601) is a 120-minute examination linked with the CCNP and CCIE Data Center Certifications. This examination tests a candidate’s information of put into put into practice core data middle technologies as well as network, compute, storage space network, mechanization, and safety measures 350-601 DCCOR. The course, put into service and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies, helps candidates to get ready for this exam.

Topics Take In:

  • Module 1: Network
  • Module 2: Compute
  • Module 3: Storage network
  • Module 4: Computerization
  • Module 5: Safety Measures

Skill Level: How Anyone Can Learn?

  • Put Into Practice Layer 2, Layer 3 And Superimpose Technologies On Cisco NX-OS
  • Understanding Cloud Armed Forces And Operation Models
  • Understanding Cisco Application Centric Road And Rail Network
  • Understanding Compute and Storage on Cisco UCS and Cisco MDS in that order
  • Applying Automation Tools And Programmability To Mechanize Cisco Data Center Networks
  • Hardening Cisco Data Center Surroundings
  • Who Should Take This Route

This total path is for network engineers who want to go forward their information on Cisco Data Center technologies and platforms from learner to middle or advance level. The CCNP Core examination course is a just right course for any human being Spoto CCIE Data Center Lab who is what’s extra part of network engineering or designing side, technical hold up engineers, consultant as well as Cisco canal associates.

Course supplies:

Students should have an essential understanding of how networks purpose including routing and switching ideas. The Knowledge with designing and organize networks is a plus. An essential appreciate of safety necessities is also advantageous.

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